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12.17.14 Bee-otch of the Day: New York Daily News

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Name: New York Daily News
Age: 95
Occupation: newspaper
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: dissing Howard Stern
2015 will be a pivotal year for the King of All Media.

Beginning when he gets of winter vacation in a few weeks, Howard Stern will be getting up a little later. It was announced on Monday's show that he and SiriusXM have agreed to move his show to 7 a.m., feeling that he'll be less groggy in the morning. No word, however, if that means that it'll be actually 6:54 one day, 6:52 the next day or 6:58 the day after and so on (many board ops on his old stations would chuckle at that one).

But yesterday, Howard kinda wished that he didn't wake up at all.

He picked up his copy of the New York Daily News and was shocked to see his mug next to an image of the World Trade Towers being attacked with the caption "Hey, Howard... THIS IS 9/11, IDIOT!"

The paper was referring to Stern's rant on Monday regarding the recent hacks at Sony Pictures in Culver City where confidential company information was stolen, along with copies of several future films and even several e-mails that contained uses of racial slurs. Stern defended Sony, which owns Columbia and Tri-Star, claiming that the hacks were terrorist-based and was possibly masterminded by the North Korean government. This, of course is due to the upcoming Seth Rogan/James Franco film "The Interview" mocking the country and its dictator, Kim Jung-Un. Rogan and Franco were guests on the show, but have now canceled all future appearances because of the scandal.

On Tuesday's show, Stern attacked the paper and the article's writers for comparing him to 9/11 since he is a native New Yorker and has been adamant about the city he was born in, especially after that horrific day. He also launched into one of his infamous "I have one more year left on my contract" spiels. Since Howard will be 61 next month and many of his co-stars - like Robin Quivers and Fred Norris - are up there in age with him, time will only tell if he'll hang up the mic one last time, go back to terrestrial radio (after all, AGT has shown his clean side) or join a phone app like Slacker or Pandora. But with him going from four days a week and moving up to 7 a.m. next month, time will tell if the KOAM will continue to reign supreme in the morning or let SiriusXM rot without him.

Back to the article, personally, it's sad how the tabloids in New York operate at times. Of course, the Daily News is owned by Canadian billionaire Mort Zuckerman, who is a semi-regular on The McLaughlin Group on PBS (and yes, that show's still on the air and John McLaughlin, now 87 is still alive and feisty). Then again, it kinda makes me happy that I don't read the newspaper. Just today, I got a thing in the mail from the Grand Rapids Press talking about the paper being delivered to my door for $2 per week. Please. Do I want a paper that kisses the Devos family's ass on my doorstep and more trash I have to haul out every week? No thanks. I'd rather read it online for free. The point is, I think Howard oughta sue the paper for using his image to make him look stupid and comparing him to a catastrophic tragedy like 9/11. However, even though he has a point about defending Sony regarding them being attacked, bear in mind that the company was stupid for putting their movies online where people could hack into them. As somebody who has a cute photo of Kate Upton's ass and undervag as his laptop's background photo, I think that if you don't want your shit to be seen online, then don't fucking post it! I've posted shit that I wished I didn't post in the past, some jerks found it and I was the one getting into trouble for it.

Newspapers. No wonder why only old people read them.  

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