Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3.31.15 Bee-otch of the Day: John Engler

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Name: John Engler
Age: 66
Occupation: ex-Michigan governor
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: kissing pRick Snyder's ass
---I really don't miss the days John Engler was the governor of Michigan.

When Pothole Johnny was the head dickhead in charge, he screwed over our schools and roads were littered with potholes. You know, the same shit that's happening today here in our state. Even worse, Engler was our governor for 12 long depressing years.

So, what's the ex-gov doing now? Well, yesterday, he was the keynote speaker at the Peter F. Secchia breakfast at Grand Valley State University's Seidman College of Business. There, he spoke about how he feels that our current governor, Rick Snyder is bringing Michigan back on track in regards to the economy.

The fat pile of shit told WOOD-TV 8, "I remember leaving Michigan with a AAA bond rating and we had money in the bank. Then we saw a pretty precipitous decline for about 8 years and Governor Snyder has been able to turn that around." Fat Boy continued, "Just look at the numbers…that’s all you need to look at. You see under this governor the budgets are being passed by the legislature. We’re in the middle of a debate right now, but they’re also setting priorities and moving the state forward and they’re dealing with big issues."

So raising taxes on the middle class and busting the unions by making Michigan a Right to Work state will help Michigan's economy? Plus, proposing raising sales taxes by airing scary ads on TV that talk about the treacherous state of our roads will help things further? Fat chance, Johnny. After all, I remembered when he also raised sales taxes from 4 to 6% as a kid.

As governor, Engler privatized state services, raised taxes and screwed over pensions. What I'll never get is the fact that he was our governor for 12 years. Under Engler's reign, our state became the first state to have a whole K-12 public school system shut down because they ran out of money. I even remember signs at my school that said that if our bond doesn't pass, my school system would be next.

I can go on about Engler and his character, like the fact that he lived off of the government tit until he was 30 and even cheated on his first wife with his current wife, Michelle. I remember listening to Dave Barber back in the day and he talked about how his security even beat him up after he asked him about cheating on his ex-wife.

Guess what? I had the (mis)fortune of meeting Engler at Ford Airport here in GR after I got back from a trip from Arizona some years back. Apparently, we were on the same flight since the two of us were at the baggage carousel waiting for our luggage. People were asking him about the triplets, etc. But since I had come back from my mother's, plus listening to the pain and suffering Dave Barber went through, I kept my mouth shut. Besides, one of my packages was a big-ass computer tower and one of his people were nice enough to give it to me as it was coming my way.

I could care less about Engler's "accomplishments". Personally, I think this state really improved when Obama was elected and he and Jennifer Granholm worked together to save the automobile industry. Now that were stuck with 'ol pRick, God only knows what will happen in four years. Hell, I even heard that our state even has a "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" in the pipeline.

And WHY don't I vote Republican?


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