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1.14.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 57
Occupation: the Fred Rogers of Michigan politics... ONLY MORE SINISTER! (source: Darren Gibson)
Last Seen: Lansing, MI
Bee-otched For: getting closer to the slammer

Without a doubt, Rick Snyder is the worst governor in America right now.

Of course, we've been spanking him for the fact that the Emergency Fund Manager he hired for Flint decided to switch the town's water supply from Lake Huron to the polluted Flint River, causing large amounts of lead to end up in the town's water supply.

Now, it looks like the governor's stupidity is already having its effect on some people because they're dead.

Cases of Legionnaire's Disease have now quadrupled in the Flint area since 2014 when the city switched to the new water system. While medical experts are claiming that the cases couldn't be directly blamed at the Flint water system, most of the cases were linked to medical care facilities that may have used Flint River water.

Meanwhile, the National Guard is now aiding Flint residents with bottled water. The water is OK to bathe in, but not drink.

Legionnaire's Disease is a severe form of Pneumonia that can be fatal. It is caused by a bacteria found in all kinds of water, even drinking water. Most cases are rare, but since there's probably all sorts of creepy crawlers in Flint River's water, don't be surprised if the situation there ends up being dire.

Then, there's another situation brewing in Detroit where Snyder's EFM program is having a negative effect on schools.

Teachers are now staging "sickouts" in protest because Detroit's schools are now crumbling. Some schools are infested with black mold while others have hardly any heat and mice running down the halls. Mayor Mike Duggan agrees that the schools need repairs, but it might not happen thanks to the fact that the EFM initiative cut 40% of that funding. Also, math and reading scores have tumbled since Snyder took over the schools. Fourth grade teacher Pam Namyslowski is even making the rounds on the internet with a letter she wrote to EFM Darnell Earley talking about the deplorable conditions her school has and the pain her students are feeling.  

You know, I wish that Snyder was fired as our governor NOW. He puts money higher than people and the people of Detroit and Flint are the ones paying the price. Personally, he needs to rot in jail since he's abusing EVERYBODY. He's the modern day Hitler by hiring people to take over city governments only to poison people and force kids to learn in dilapidated environments. And yet, his biggest supporters, the Devoses are living comfortably in their mansion.

This story reminds me of my mother and her now-former stepchildren when they lived in northern Michigan in the late 90s. When she and her now-ex-husband got full custody of his kids, they had a dilemma. Despite having a Bellaire address, they actually were in the Mancelona school district. Mancelona - or as the local call it, "Manceltucky" for obvious reasons - was a town notorious for being the Detroit of the north. Lots of drugs, pregnant teens and low-lifes, plus a high school that was partially condemned. As a result, my mother was driving my ex-stepsiblings to school every morning.

You see, my ex-steps were lucky. They got to go to a nice school despite being in a school district with bad schools and still-after-all-these-years, low test scores. Detroit kids aren't so lucky and I feel bad for them. Education should definitely be a top priority for everybody, not the other way around. Same thing as water.

But thanks to Snyder, if you live in Flint or Detroit, it's not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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