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1.27.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Matt Hanlon

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Name: Matt Hanlon
Age: 52
Occupation: the asshole who killed KLQ
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: trying to make a comeback

He's baaaaaack.....

All I can say is thank Jesus this asshole's no longer in radio.

On Monday, former west Michigan radio exec Matt Hanlon appeared on WZZM 13's My West program to talk about his work with Guiding Light Mission, an organization that helps the homeless find jobs. Apparently, he looked like he came off the streets himself.

All this from a dumbass who damn near killed a couple three years ago with his Range Rover while driving drunk.

In his Chamber of Commercey interview with Catherine Behrendt - who looks like she could donate a few food items to the homeless herself - he explains how the organization works. Now, he's trying to look like somebody who is trying to help the poor souls of west Michigan, but remember folks, as president of Citadel Broadcasting here in Michigan, he forced his jocks to sign non-compete contracts. If that jock got canned, they could not work for another station in the market. Rich Michaels was a prime example of Hanlon's bullshit; he ended up moving to Florida because he was not allowed to work in his home market of Lansing after being fired by Hanlon during the holidays several years ago.

Of course, when Hanlon ran the show at Citadel Grand Rapids, he demoted the top-rated Howard Stern Show to WBBL (then at 1340 AM), causing WKLQ to lose 75% of its audience, he fucked over oldies fans by killing WODJ, he fired countless talented people and kept or promoted folks with no real talent, like "Huge" Bill Simonson and he ended up killing KLQ altogether simply because they ended up being WGRD's bitch. Of course when Citadel merged with Cumulus, Hanlon got the boot and he deserved it.

Hanlon ended up going to Townsquare as a salesman but got canned in 2012 because of the aforementioned car accident on the East Beltline. Now, he's trying to tiptoe his way back into real life again by working for the non-profit. Personally, I should be applauding him for trying to be a good person in real life. But seriously, he's caused a lot of damage to a lot of people and I hardly doubt if many of them would ever forgive him for what he did at Citadel. It makes me want to simply donate to the homeless person directly instead of donating to Guiding Light since a part of my money would go into the hands of this jackass, even if the bum uses it to kill himself slowly with booze.

Every little bit helps, but when that man is Hanlon, I would be running for zee hills.

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