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1.5.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Cosby

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Name: Bill Cosby
Age: 78
Occupation: sick old man
Last Seen: Pennsylvania
Bee-otched For: FINALLY getting charged

It's offish: Bill Cosby's career is pretty much toast.

The comedian wannabe was officially charged last week for allegedly drugging and raping Temple University employee  Andrea Constrand at his Pennsylvania home in 2004. According to the lawsuit, Constrand, who now lives in Canada as a masseuse, claimed that Cosby invited her to his mansion where hclaimed that he wanted to give her career advice. Cosby then gave Constrand a pill and wine to drink. Not long after, Constrand claimed that Cosby raped her, even seeing him wearing a robe.

Cosby has been freed on $1 million bail, which is a spit in the spittoon to Cosby, who's worth $400 million. 

Constrand and Cosby settled a civil suit in 2006, but then, no criminal charges were made. Cosby's other victims never made any suits against the TV dad claiming that they all thought that they were his only victims. Yet, according to some people, Cosby raping women was the worst-kept secret in comedy. Cosby's accusers' statute of limitations all expired years ago, but in the case of Constrand, Pennsylvania's statutes are all 12 years.

Meanwhile, Cosby's wife of 52 years, Camille, who is also the mother of Cosby's five children, is being forced to testify against him in several civil trials against him. According to a family source, Camille feels "he does deserve every bit of the hell he's going through now even though he is still pretending that this hell doesn't exist."

You know, I'm happy that Cosby is finally getting the hell he deserves. Going around for decades telling kids how to live and act while he's drugging and raping women as young as 16 shows that he's not deserving of anything at all. I'm happy that his shows such as The Cosby Show  and Fat Albert have been yanked from TV. I never found him funny and the majority of what he preaches is all BS. Hell, I even remember an old episode of Fat Albert where he tells kids to stay away from porn, yet there he is, hanging out at the Playboy Mansion with a drugged 16-year-old girl in
 one of Hef's bedrooms.

Aside from the political battles this year, I expect the Cosby case to be the biggest story of this year. There's simply too much evidence that he raped all those women and thankfully, Constrand was the one that got away from him in a statute situation. Last week, a legal expert commented on Cosby's case on WOOD-TV 8 here in Grand Rapids, and he says that even with a plea bargain, Cosby will rot in prison.

And I highly doubt if the prison he'll rot in will have black and white-striped cardigans. 

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