Monday, January 25, 2016

1.25.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Peyton Manning

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Name: Peyton Manning
Age: 39
Occupation: Denver Broncos quarterback
Last Seen: Denver
Bee-otched For: going to the Super Bowl again

Well, if there's any good news to share, it's that Tom Brady and his deflated balls won't be going to the Super Bowl this year.

On Sunday, they were defeated by the Denver Broncos 20-18. They will face the Carolina Panthers on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7 in San Francisco.

While it's cool that a cheater like Brady will be enjoying the Super Bowl in the privy of his own home with Gisele on his lap, it's a shame that Manning's image has been spoiled by one man: Papa John.

Yep, Manning is good pals with Papa John Schnatter, the founder of the pizza chain that bares his name. It's also worth noting that Manning himself owns several Papa John's in Colorado. For those who don't remember, Papa John made headlines several years ago when he announced that he was cutting his employees' hours claiming that it was due to Obamacare. Yet, John lives in a $30 million mansion in Kentucky.

Manning himself identifies himself as a conservative Christian who gives a lot of *ahem* dough to the Republicans.

Ya know, I used to love Papa John's, but my love ended because of John's teabagger policies. Plus, I read that their dough is frozen. I prefer Little Caesars or Jet's to Papa John's any day, pepper inside the box or not. Besides, the Ilitches support Michigan. I have read that Jet's does support the Republicans, but their donations aren't that much.

Any team that has "Down With the Sickness" as their entrance theme deserves a lot of respect.


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