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9.12.16 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 70
Occupation: ex-president
Last Seen: Texas
Bee-otched For: causing 9/11


It's the other day that lived in infamy.

I was asleep on that fateful day 15 years ago yesterday when the world seemed to end. I woke up, turned on my Walkman to listen to the late Dave Barber on the old WLDR-AM NewsRadio 1210 out of Traverse City and listen to him say "we'll be back to talking about today, the worst day in American history". The break ended and CNN News had a special report: the World Trade Towers, part of the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania were all torn apart by hijackers as part of Osama bin Laden's army of American-hating jihadists.

I remember the day being glued to the TV, only going out to top off my tank with the news that gas prices would be going up, which they did not. It was probably the only time I liked George W. Bush, or anybody with an IQ of three digits for that matter.

Fifteen years later, we still won't forget that day. Since then, a new World Trade Center was built but it will never replace the Twin Towers that adorned the New York City skyline for its 28 years of existence. Let alone the fact that nearly 3,000 souls that perished that day.

Thanks to President Obama's leadership, we finally captured and killed bin Laden in 2011, something George W. Bush never did as president nor probably even wanted. He was more into capturing Saddam Hussein and taking his oil. He lied over Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and his mistake caused over 4,000 more Americans to die. Now, he's a wanted man around the world because of war crimes. Even more, HE KNEW that the attacks on 9/11 were going to happen. When he was briefed that the first World Trade Tower was attacked, but he only cared about reading kids books about pet goats.

Yesterday at the Colts/Lions game, Dubya made an introduction that aired before the game. I didn't hear a sound because my TV was muted. I didn't care. Anything that poops out of Bush's yapper is indeed shit. He needs to rot in jail, not paint little paintings while watching his grandkids from his slut daughters.

We will never forget. That statement should resonate when we return to the polls this November.

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