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9.13.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Steve "Omelette" Normandin

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Name: Steve "Omelette" Normandin
Age: 46
Occupation: none
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: getting fried


After over a decade of being the biggest Howard Stern wannabe in northern Michigan. Steve Normandin was forced to hear this Friday afternoon.

His longtime employer, geezer rocker WKLT 97.5/98.9 released this press statement Friday afternoon that was published on the website TraverseTicker.com:

"WKLT is redefining, refocusing and restructuring the programming strategy to better meet the needs and demands of our listeners, advertisers and our northern Michigan communities. We will continue the tradition of awesome, quality rock 'n roll, maintain our commitment to connect our communities, and honor our pledge to serve our friends and neighbors, both advertisers and listeners, so as to exceed their expectations."

"We appreciated the contributions, creativity, enthusiasm and talent that each member of the Omelette and Friends show have brought to KLT on a daily basis, and sincerely wish them the best in all their future endeavors."
Omelette had been a part of WKLT's morning show since 2006 when he was originally paired with Charly Kaye, who ended up moving to Las Vegas (and apparently had a beef with him). She was replaced with Sean "Finster" Finnegan, and together, Omelette and Finster became one of KLT's most-popular morning shows ever. However, Finster was fired from KLT right after Christmas 2011 but ended up doing mornings at crosstown WZTC 104.5 Bob FM a few months afterward.

Sadly, Omelette proved to be nothing more than a big Howard Stern wannabe. he had his own Wack Pack called "The Misfits" loaded with the homeless and people with disabilities. One of his most-notorious Misfits was Tony Ciccone, the homeless brother of pop legend Madonna who lives under a bridge in Traverse City. He made headlines when he appeared with other members of The Misfits at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis in 2012 performing stunts for the station.

The Oman also ripped off Stern for the fact that his biggest charity was a no-kill animal shelter, AC Paw (Stern's charity is also a no-kill shelter, North Shore Animal League). He even had an "Intern Show" that was podcast off of KLT's website. I gave him the Bee-otch of the Day because of that, and ended up getting a nice letter from one of his minions as a result.

It's not known why Omelette was let go, But judging by the posts made on TraverseTicker's article on his canning, many will not miss him. Some have called him "unoriginal" and a "jerk". One person pointed out that he wasn't liked by the "music fest folks". Most of the posts, however, attacked WKLT for being too repetitive and old. One person posted "K is for Kid Rock. L is for Lynyrd Skynyrd. T is for Ted Nugent."

Some of the biggest attacks, however went to Terri Ray, the station's long-time Programming Director and midday jock. Sadly, it's because of her and the higher-ups at KLT's  Minot, ND-based owners, the Gokey family, that KLT is white trashiest rock station in Michigan. In the 1990s, the station shunned popular bands such as KoRn, Rage Against the Machine, Tool and others simply because they wanted to entertain the asshole junkies in Manceltucky. When it came to new music, the station was mostly loaded with wuss crap that was already played on the top 40 and AC stations. It didn't help that Ray's a huge fan of Melissa Etheridge, either (for obvious reasons).

Reading the comments on the Ticker's board, it doesn't shock me that people are fed up with KLT and how they're overrated. Some folks even praised Grayling's Q100 for their massive playlist and lack of repetition. It's also not to forget that KLT used to go through morning shows like underwear. If a show lasted three years on KLT, it was time to cancel it, good ratings or not. What morning show KLT will have is up to management, but hopefully, it'll be funny and original.

As for Fried Eggs, I hope this is his last dance in northern Michigan. After all, he was in a few other markets before landing in TC, but who knows?

Like Tenacious D once said, it's time to Pass the Torch. KLT is getting old. 
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  1. Manceltucky? It is Mance-tucky.
    Get it right you GR Bee-otch!
    Asshole Junkies of Mancelona

  2. The new morning show sucks!!!

  3. I not going to listen to klt anymore the new morning how stinks

  4. Remember, the Coynes will be taking over KLT very soon. Methinks most of the station is toast. They don't even have anybody listed for afternoons.

  5. King UP-CHUCK...get your facts straight, and more importantly, CORRECT before you post crap like this...
    You aren't from here for ONE so how would you know what went down - from The Ticker?? HA HA- now that is funny. Come on man. If you want the facts, contact Omelette!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. are you actually ripping on someone who helps our local humane society?

    1. Hank, I was born and raised in northern Michigan. I grew up HATING KLT for being too repetitive and lacking new rock artists that people actually love. I've been a fan of Howard Stern for years and have grown to hate the fact that there's MANY morning shows that have ripped off his format and so on. Sadly, O-Man was an example. This was a dude who exploited the homeless and mentally ill for ratings. I know a lot of folks who work in northern Michigan radio who tell me a lot. A lot of it ain't all that pleasant. If O-Man can get back on the air in TC, fine, good for him. He did have good ratings. But that doesn't make him Superman, either.

  6. Be kind to one another! Omelette probably was already feeling pretty low for losing his gig and then you throw salt in the wound!!!!

  7. Be kind to one another! Omelette probably was already feeling pretty low for losing his gig and then you throw salt in the wound!!!!