Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9.28.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 70
Occupation: president wannabe
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: losing more than the debate


I didn't watch the Presidential Debates on Monday night, and guess what? The sun rose and it set later on into the evening.

But for the 84 million folks who watched the battle, all I know was this: Donald was Donald and Hillary was Hillary.

Many declared Clinton the winner simply because she was the smart one while the Donald was defending the fact that he didn't pay personal taxes for years among other chunks of bullshit that makes Trump the asshole he is.

One thing that people are buzzing about is the fact that Trump trashed one of his Miss Universe winners from 20 years ago. Yesterday, Alicia Machado from Venezuela claimed that Trump called her "Miss Piggy" because she gained 50 pounds and even racial slurs because of the fact that she was Hispanic.

Thankfully, Trump has since sold the pageant. I think most of their contestants would rather have Steve Harvey say that they're Miss Universe only to misread the card than to have a tyrant like Trump degrade them.

However, Michael Moore thinks that Trump actually won the debate. On Twitter, he said that Trump's narcissism and bigotry is more consistent than that of Hillary. "It's over. Trump, the egoist, the racist, the narcissist, the liar, "won." We all lost. His numbers will go up. She told the truth. So what," Moore said in a Tweet.

So the question is, what will happen next? Will people vote for Trump because they think it's right to call a 19-year-old woman "Miss Piggy" because she gained weight? How about the fact that he had multiple failed businesses and lies about his taxes? True, I'm no Hillary fan, either, but better her over Donald.

Only a month and a half of this bullshit, folks.


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