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9.22.16 Bee-otch of the Day: WKLT

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Name: WKLT
Age: 38
Occupation: old geezer rock station
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: promoting a troll


It's official: WKLT has a new morning show two weeks after canning Steve Normandin and the rest of the Omelette and Friends show.

The station simply moved its afternoon show, The Afternoon Trainwreck to mornings as (what else?) The Morning Trainwreck. Replacing the Trainwreck in afternoons is Tom Devitt, who had been a news reader at the station.

From the sounds of things, Omelette and Friends was let go simply because of a budgetary move, which is quite legendary in northern Michigan radio.

True, I wasn't much of a friend of Omelette and the fact that he ripped off a lot of bits from Stern, but I figured that he could have been replaced with a worse show. In a way, it's the truth. The reason being is because of my long-standing feud with Devitt.

In the late 1990s, Devitt was the morning host at milquetoast modern rock station The Zone (95.5 Traverse City, 94.5 Straits Area and 93.9 Mio/Gaylord/Grayling area). Needless to say, his show sucked. Then again, The Zone's sister station was classic rocker The Bear, which had Bob and Tom mornings. It was people like Devitt that made me start this very website in the first place since I wanted Howard Stern's show up there. Driving to school daily was a chore thanks to the sad, pathetic state of radio up north.

In 2000, I was driving back on I-75 from seeing family in the Detroit area when my radio landed on 92.1 WIDL out of Caro in Michigan's thumb. I was hearing a news update read by guess who? Tom Devitt himself. I noticed that he was gone from The Zone and that was why! He traded in a station whose combined signal was 90,000 watts for a tiny 6,000-watt flea-powered pissshooter whose signal barely kissed I-75 most of the time.

While Devitt was there, the soccer mom pop station became the not-so-mom-friendly "92.1 The Coyote", complete with imaging that sounded like it was public access. It was satellite-fed from ABC most of the time.

One day some 15 years ago, I noticed that there was a poster on the Michigan Radio and TV Buzzboard who was hijacking threads on the Flint/Tri-Cities section with stupid posts regarding "Rabid Radio". If there was a post about ratings, he'd post something like "I wonder how Rabid Radio did". If there was a post about a radio personality, he'd post "I wonder if he was good enough for Rabid Radio", etc. Turns out that the poster, "radiostudtd" was none other than Devitt himself. So, I lovingly awarded him Bee-otch of the Day. I posted the link on the Buzzboard and the next day, good 'ol Tom wrote me a nasty email crying that he owns a house, gets pussy once in a while, etc. Plus, one of the former Zone jocks working at WIOG didn't even have a car.

Apparently, not long afterward, the management at WIDL got wind of Devitt's moronic posts on the Buzzboard. Needless to say, he was placed on the shitlist. Devitt ended up at another radio station in the thumb (and yes, WIDL isn't the thumb's only radio station, believe it or not) doing news but somehow weaseled his way back to WIDL, this time doing mornings. He apparently was let go from WIDL, maybe because of his moronic past.

About 10 years ago, I was one of the more-popular posters on the Buzzboard but that all changed because I was being harassed by a group of posters who all formed an alliance named "Dale Motel". To make a long story short, Tom came out of nowhere to email me that a DJ at The Bear, Ted Cramer was forced to resign from the station. He was responsible for the station's ratings downfall because he felt that Ted Nugent into Depeche Mode into Foghat into A Flock of Seagulls was a good idea. I posted on the Buzzboard and for some strange reason, I became the Antichrist. Turns out that 1) Ted Cramer - who now works at a country station in BFE, Indiana called WIFE - allegedly posts on the Buzzboard as "Zzand", and 2) Devitt reportedly used multiple usernames on the Buzzboard to attack me to get his revenge. Needless to say, he won that battle. Turns out that he and his skank wife Nikki came back to Northern Star but he ended up at KLT and its ESPN sports sister. So there you have it.

Look, what Devitt did to me was VERY unprofessional. Yet, he's now riding high in the afternoons at what's probably the most-overrated rock station in Michigan. At least when Omelette was at KLT, he never sent me hate mail. Instead, he was focused on entertaining his listeners. OK, so "David the Fluffer" asked me to appear on their Intern Show, but I refused.

I guess the 1980s hair metal band Cinderella said it best: "Don't Know What You Got 'Til It's Gone."


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