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10.17.16 Bee-otch of the Day: "Rhonda"

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Name: "Rhonda"
Age: 30
Occupation: none
Last Seen: Commerce, TX
Bee-otched For: screaming "Help Me, Chuck" and making me want to get her out of my heart

With all due apologies to the Beach Boys, it's a sad shame when anybody uses people as a doormat.

As somebody who uses internet dating to find my queen these days, I was kinda shocked when on one of the sites I frequent, I got a message from a woman in Texas.

Now, I instantly told her that I really want locals, but she claimed that I was cute and told me that we could make our long distance relationship work. In other words, she tried to push herself on me.

We started chatting and she gave me a few pics of herself. She claimed to be from Canada and white, but her pics made her look like she was Hispanic and/or black (I mean, look at the size of her booty). She even told me that she wanted to come to Michigan to meet me this Christmas. However, she claimed not to have a job or even health insurance. She seemed OK, though I was suspicious that a young woman like herself couldn't get a date in her hometown, which is not far from Dallas.

Then, I didn't hear from her all day Monday. Strange. Then, I heard from her Tuesday night claiming that she was in the hospital with menstrual problems and lost a lot of blood. Because of her lack of health coverage, she told me that her medical bill was going to be $580 and wanted me to help her. She wanted me to Western Union her $300. I told her why not use a credit card and came up with some bullshit excuse that the hospital would not accept credit cards. I told her that I was going to bed since it was my bedtime anyway and I woke up with messages that a stalker would normally send like "I know you're there" and lots of crying emojis. The gravy train had to end, so I banned her from my accounts.

For many years, I had a tough time. I got stuck with a boss that only gave me one raise in ten years and in 2010, I got into a car accident that I was at fault on. I ended up buying a car that nickel and dimed me to near-financial ruin. I was hoping for a lot of overtime to help me, but I got stuck working regular 40s. I could have asked family to help, but I didn't. I could have begged people for money, but I didn't. Instead, I simply cut back and even donated plasma.

For anybody to beg for money from a stranger shows how pathetic they are. What if this Rhonda chick is on drugs? I'm not going to cause her untimely demise. What if she's talking to ten other men and scamming them as well?

This is why it's best to stay local, folks. I've worked hard for my money and I'm glad that I have more money than I've had in years. My car's paid off and it doesn't have any issues. The last thing I need is to lose it all to a stranger.

So look at that picture above folks. If you see it on any dating site, my only suggestion is this: RUN!

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