Thursday, October 20, 2016

10.20.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 70
Occupation: daddy's boy
Last Seen: Las Vegas
Bee-otched For: delivering another idiotic debate

For those curious, I'm typing this at 6:10 on Wednesday night.

When the third and final debate airs in a few hours, I'll be fast asleep, readying my worn-out old body for another 10 hours of real, money-making work (and it's not this blog). I know what Trump will do, which is say a bunch of shit that's not really intelligent.

Of course, I'm not 100% crazy about Hillary, either, but maybe that's why the TV will be off tonight.

Howard Stern on Monday told his listeners that he won't be re-airing clips of Trump on his show anytime soon. Even though he's supporting Hillary, he's still a good friend of Trump, who has been a guest on his show many times over the years. My take? Fine with him, though if I had my own radio show, he wouldn't come close to my studio.

The Donald has burned too many bridges because of this election. He now hates SNL, he's trashed Obama in the past, he's trashing Bill Clinton's infidelity and so on. Hillary, on the other hand is just going to sound better though she'll be far from perfect while she's in the White House.

Just another debate. Move along, folks, nothing to see here. I'll catch the recap on SNL this Saturday.


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