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10.26.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Subway

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Name: Subway
Age: 51
Occupation: sandwich shop
Last Seen: Milford, CT
Bee-otched For: having a few nasty skeletons in their closet

Yesterday, I attacked Jimmy John's because one of their locations gave a customer a sub with Dijon mustard, which she was allergic to. She ended up getting an allergic reaction which left her unable to speak above a whisper, forcing her out of her job.

But amazingly, that's not the worst thing any sub shop is doing right now.

Kathleen McLaughlin, the ex-wife of now-imprisoned Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle alleges that the fast food giant knew for years that the pitchman was a child molester and kept child pornography in his home. She claims in a lawsuit that Subway execs were notified three times about Fogle's tryists but did nothing about it. Instead, they represented Fogle as a family man (he has two kids that are now ages 3 and 5) and sent him to talk to children.

Fogle was the Subway pitchman who gained notoriety for once weighing over 300 lbs. and losing roughly half his size thanks to taking a daily walk to Subway to eat a healthy, low-fat meal there. However, his star fell when it was discovered that he was in possession of kiddie porn and the fact that he traveled to have sex with minors. He's now serving a 16-year sentence in prison for his crimes.

According to the lawsuit, Fogle would have conversations with various people about having sex with children. In 2004, Fogle approached a young girl and asked if he could have sex with her. A Subway exec was notified, but nothing more happened. In 2008, Fogle had a conversation with a Florida franchisee about having sex with kids and she notified the chain. Once again, her complaint fell on deaf ears. Then in 2011, a news reporter claimed that Fogle talked to her about sex with kids. Once again, the chain did nothing.

Subway is America's biggest fast food restaurant in terms of locations, with over 24,000. My childhood town of Elk Rapids, MI, pop. 1,600 is probably the biggest town in northern Michigan without a McDonald's, which the locals fought tooth and nail to prevent from opening. Subway, however has a location, which originally was downtown but is now in the village's Mobil station. My father lives near Park City, KY,  pop. 537.  It's a small town with a nearly-deserted downtown, but has a Dollar General and a Shell station/IGA that has a Subway. Here in Grand Rapids, there seems to be a Subway on every street corner. I was even pissed when the former Wendy's on 44th Street and Stauffer in the Citgo station became *sigh* another Subway. Subways tend to be very easy to own and operate and don't need to have a lot of employees.

Obviously, Subway has become a company that's too big to fail, even if those $5 Footlongs helped to fund Jared's perversion. Subway was obviously too scared to out him, and now, they have a bigger case on their hands. Tsk, tsk. Thanks, Subway, you'll never see me inside one of your restaurants again.

The only Footlong Jared is getting these days is up the ass. Now, he knows how it feels to be one of his victims.


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