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6.19.17 Bee-otch of the Day: NBC

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Name: The National Broadcasting Company
Age: 91
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: New York City
Bee-otched For: still smacking their heads over Megyn Kelly

If there's any good news for the Peacock Network, it's the fact that there's only a few more months until football season begins.

In the most-recent Nielsen ratings book, the abortion known as Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly didn't even make it into the top 25. The week before, the show debuted at #10, though a repeat of 60 Minutes fared much better in the ratings.

The show has been quite controversial since its debut three weeks ago. Last week, Kelly interviewed tin foil hat-wearing talk radio host Alex Jones, who claimed that the government played a role in the Sandy Hook shootings. Outrage came from some of the family members of the victims of that horrific tragedy, who claimed that NBC was capitalizing off of their family's grief.

So what does Kelly do for last Sunday's show? Interview Jones again.

When news came about Sunday's show, one NBC affiliate, WVIT in Hartford chose not to air it. The reason was because Newtown is in their coverage area (even though it's part of the New York market) and felt that it would be too inappropriate and hurting for Newtown viewers. It's worth noting that WVIT and Newtown's intended NBC affiliate WNBC are both NBC O&Os.

What's sad is that NBC is paying this cunt around $20 million and yet nobody's tuning in to her sensationalist bullshit on Sunday nights. This has got to be the worst idea NBC has thought up of since the disaster known as The Jay Leno Show some years ago. Going after Fox News' asshole viewers only alienates their loyal viewers and yep! advertisers as well.

So how long will NBC handle Kelly's bullshit? Plus, how will her soon-to-be-debuting third hour of Today fare in the ratings? When it comes to watching her show vs. two lesbians duking it out on The Jerry Springer Show, I think Springer is far more intelligent.

I wonder if any NBC execs bought themselves some rope yet. 


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