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6.20.17 Co-Bee-otches of the Day: The Republican Party and Steve Harvey

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 163
Occupation: right-winged pricks
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: keeping secrets

Name: Broderick Steven Harvey
Age: 60
Occupation: too many
Last Seen: Los Angeles
Bee-otched For: dissing Flint

The Repukes want a bill passed that nobody knows about except them.

Of course, the outcome can't all be that good.

Within the next 10 days, they want the newly-revised American Health Care Act to pass. However, they won't show a draft until Thursday. However, many speculate that by 2026, the bill will reduce those with health insurance and even jobs. Many are hoping that several moderate Republicans will veto the bill, especially in the senate. Even a few Republicans are upset that they haven't had access to the bill that would killed the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

But then, there's the Repukes here in Michigan, especially people like attorney general Bill Schuette.

Last week, the Michigan attorney general announced that several involved in the Flint water crisis will be charged for manslaughter since 16 people have died from drinking the water.

However, one person not charged was none other than the nerd himself, Rick Snyder.

As some of you know, when he was elected governor, Snyder assigned emergency managers to practically take over several towns, and Flint was one of them. Under his aegis, Flint switched its water supply from fresh Lake Huron to the polluted Flint River, which had been a dumping ground for Flint's factories for well over a century.

And that's allowed a certain comedian to make a joke in poor taste in regards to Flint's long-suffering residents.

On his radio show last week, Steve Harvey, pissed that his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA championship to the Golden State Warriors, dissed a caller from Flint who blasted the Cavs. Steve told the man "enjoy your brown glass of water". Needless to say, many are pissed that Harvey - who did a special show on the Flint water crisis on his Oprah wannabe daytime talk show last year - would ever piss off Flint, especially what's happened there.

So far, Harvey has said that the diss was only intended for the caller, and not the city of 102,000. Meanwhile, Flint's mayor, Karen Weaver has called Harvey's jab as something done in poor taste.

You know, this is what happens when Repukes get elected. The water gets polluted, we lose healthcare and a black comic with six TV shows disses a city that's struggled through a huge disaster for years. Ya know, why can't Shitty-er, Schuette charge the real villain, Snyder for all this? Oh, I know! BECAUSE HE'S AN ELITIST WHO WANTS TO RUN FOR GOVERNOR NEXT YEAR! Folks, we can't let this happen. We need to make Michigan blue again so our state can undo all the shit Snyder did.

As for Harvey, I think he owes Flint a sincere apology. He might not be able to do so because he's got way too many TV shows to host.

Maybe he'll apologize, but he ends up reading the wrong card.


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