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6.6.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Eric Zane

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Name: Eric Zeitunian
Age: 46
Occupation: radio host
Last Seen: Hudsonville, MI
Bee-otched For: moving to the wrong team and losing

It was a sad day when Eric Zane was fired from WGRD here in Grand Rapids and the Free Beer and Hot Wings Show last year.

What's even sadder is how his career is holding up these days.

Back in the day, Zane made Grand Rapids laugh along with the duo with their imitations of the big, fat schmuck "Huge" Bill Simonson on their show. But since he was canned from WGRD for his constant bashing of Deltaplex and Intersection owner Joel Langlois, he was thrown onto the street. And guess who helped to pick him up? None other than the fat retard himself, who put Zane on mornings on WBBL. The Fat One's hope was to have him in the afternoon and Zane in the morning to equate to big ratings.

But guess what? 'Taint happening.

WBBL continues to be Grand Rapids' lowest-rated FM station with sports rival WMAX ESPN 96.1 beating them by a fraction of a point or two.  Now, the nightmare is coming true for Zane, who really hasn't taken a lot of listeners with him to WBBL.

On Monday, it was announced that Zane's morning show was being demoted by one hour so WBBL can air all three hours of The Dan Patrick Show, a program hosted by a man with far more talent than any of the local hosts WBBL has.

I wouldn't be too surprised that this is a message that WBBL parent Cumulus is sending out to their stations. After all, WBBL is as useless as tits on a bull, especially since iHeartMedia took local rights of the Tigers and Red Wings away from them last year. Personally, I think it's time for WBBL to hang it up for good or at least fire the Fat One. But as long as he's the cock holster for the DeVos and Loeks families, it'll never happen.

Sadly, this is Grand Rapids, where 95% of all the radio stations here are owned by three companies and two of them are damn near bankrupt. They don't mind failure, which is why two of the companies were birthed from other failed companies, namely Citadel (now Cumulus) and Regent (now Townsquare). Citadel sat and watched KLQ burn while they played the fiddle and in the end, the company went belly-up. Now, it's WBBL's turn and even with FB&HW's sidekick on board, it's not working. In the end, you have people like me listening to internet radio instead of hearing a three-hour infomercial for Celebration! Cinema and Miller Lite than real sports talk.

Zane has tried to jump the shark, but he's been eaten alive.


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