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6.26.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Marci Turk

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Name: Marci Turk
Age: 37
Occupation: COO, Howard Stern's channels on Sirius
Last Seen: New York City
Bee-otched For: being Tom Chiusano's lost daughter

Back in the day, the fights between Stern and his boss at K-Rock, Tom Chiusano were legendary.

During Stern's show, Tom would have a dump button on his desk in case he found something objectionable. Needless to say, Tom was the butt of many a joke on the Stern show, and it made for good ratings. Howard used to refer to him as "Tom Cheap-ass-ano" since the Stern show sounded like something you'd hear on a small town radio station due to the show's use of muddy, hissy tape cartridges.

After Howard moved to Sirius, Tom became an afterthought and has since retired from radio. For at least a few years, Howard's show sounded awesome with no censorship and no hassle from the FCC or corporate radio.

Then came Marci Turk.

For several years, Howard's channels were run by veteran radio programmer Tim Sabean, who was promoted to Senior Vice President of SiriusXM's comedy and entertainment channels. However, he was later let go from the company. Thankfully, he has his radio stations in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to fall back on. Now, Howard 100 and 101 are run by Marci Turk, who was a former employee of author David Allen, best known for his "Getting Things Done" technique. In his books, he explains that you need to get rid of people and things in your life that wreck your productivity.

Maybe that's why ever since she started running the Stern channels, so much has disappeared.

When Artie Lange was quietly taken off the show, he was never replaced. Even several longtime guests of the show like Gilbert Gottfried and Lisa Lampanelli have now been banned from the show. What might be the saddest of all is the fact that replays of classic shows are now heavily re-edited to remove references to things that might not be politically correct. For example, words that have been edited include "retard", "faggot" and others. Even long-time Wack Packers Gary the Retard is now known as "Gary the Conqueror" and Wendy the Retard is now "Wendy the Slow Adult".

Sadly, Marci's dicking with the Stern show is starting to piss off long0time listeners. A few weeks ago, he had the pop duo The Chainsmokers on his show. Mark Mercer, the owner of Stern fan site admitted that he fell asleep during the interview simply because it was boring. Bear in mind that most of Stern's fans are way too old to give two shits about The Chainsmokers, a group whose fanbase is mostly girls under the age of 30.  Yes, Howard is getting more A-list stars to appear on his show, leaving the strippers and porn stars in the dust.

Hell, I was shocked a few weeks ago when he had country star Chris Stapleton on his show. Normally, he would mock country singers by playing Johnny Rebel's music instead. Years ago, he mocked Ellen Degeneres for crying on her show regarding a dog that didn't get along with her. Now, she's a frequent guest on his show.

Sadly, some of the interviews that Stern has are a turnoff. But, that's what Marci Turk wants: a Howard Stern that's more accepted by the audience that he alienated for years by alienating his long-time fans. Hell, Howard won't even attack her on the air, which is why some are fearing that he's selling out. It's a huge reason why a few years ago when I was having financial struggles, I decided to drop Sirius and listen to the show instead using *ahem* alternate sources. (Here's a hint: aaaaar.)

Look, Howard is 62 years old. Methinks that once his contract is up, he'll retire. Plus, who knows how Robin is doing health-wise since apparently, she hasn't been in the studio for a while again. True, I'd choose the Stern show over most morning radio shows in the country. Yes, Howard can say "fuck", "shit" and other words you can't use on the radio, but nonetheless, there's that aspect of it that's not as fun as it once was.

And you thought that Yoko Ono was bad.

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