Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1.10.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Mitt Romney

Name: Mitt Romney
Age: 64
Occupation: politician and businessman
Last Seen: unknown
Bee-otched For: sounding a lot like Dubya

On Saturday night, as most of us in Michigan were watching the Lions' Cinderella season come to an end, another sad and pathetic Republican debate was happening in New Hampshire. As usual, the Republicans were throwing jabs at each other and in all honesty, not really accomplishing anything.

But, guess who had the worst quote out of the candidates that evening? None other than Mitt Romney.

In the midst of him blabbing about Obamacare, wanting to raise the retirement age and everything else, the wealthy ex-Massachusetts governor said that if he were president, he would send our troops back to Iraq.

In the great words of Rocket J. Squirrel, "AGAIN?!?"

Apparently, Mitty-Poo thinks that there's a lot more to be done in that country, even though we wasted $800 billion and 4,500 soldiers' lives over there. Shows how down-to-Earth he is, huh?

Look, do we REALLY want to invade Iraq again? We did the Iraqis a favor by taking that country over and killing their leader. Nice, but guess what? There's other evil dictators worldwide, and we all know why we invaded that nation in the first place: OIL.

With crude still over $100 a barrel and Iraq still a hellhole even after Saddam's death, is it REALLY our problem that country is what it is? IMO, there's a reason why Saddam was a tyrant, and it's because of their frickin' religion!

You know what? I used to work for an Iraqi years ago. A former co-worker of mine told me that my boss' father tried to kill his brother after he found him smoking pot. He took out a shotgun and shot him several times. He was rushed to the hospital and survived, but that's their life.

My point is, why should WE try to make THEIR lives better when we have our own problems at home? Like I said, oil prices are STILL high. Yes, unemployment's down, but how many jobs that are being created pay well enough to support a family? Thing is, yes, things are getting better, only because of Obama's policies. He ain't perfect, but at least he's accomplished more in three years than Bush did in eight.

Mark my words. If Mitt Romney beats Obama in November, America's going to hell. PERIOD. I'm tired of the mega rich telling me what to do. It's time to bring America back from the wealthy, and Romney will only take us back to Bush territory.

Or even worse, it'll run like a Rambler. 
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