Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1.11.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat Robertson

Name: Pat Robertson
Age: 81
Occupation: snake oil salesman
Last Seen: Virginia Beach, VA
Bee-otched For: sounding either too senile or too stupid

Sometimes, one has no choice but to shake their head about Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson.

During the holidays, he asked a female black reporter of his 700 Club what she had had for Thanksgiving, and she replied "Macaroni and Cheese". He then said, "Macaroni and Cheese? Is that a black thing?"

Apparently, Pat's never been to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But like he's done for over 50 years, once again, Pat's foot - or maybe even both of them - have entered his mouth. Last week on his daily pledge-a-thon, Robertson showed proof that he's either getting old or just being the attention whore that he always is. He made the claim that in his daily chats with God himself, he told him who will win the 2012 presidential elections.

Ut-oh! Pat's done it again. Remember when he ran for president in 1988, only because God told him to run? Yeah. I'll betcha the only reason why was because all of his other preacher buddies - ie Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggert - were all getting theirs. It's amazing that Robertson wasn't caught in the cookie jar and he's still using his CBN to control the hearts and minds of the people who watch his daily BS.

Remember folks, people who watch The 700 Club and just about every other daytime trash show live on fixed incomes, and some of them are on their wit's end. Look! Pat said to give him all you can, and miracles will happen! The only miracle that happens there is that he's a few bucks richer and you might have to foreclose on your dilapidated trailer. After all, The 700 Club is a paid program to local stations that air Pat's daily diatribes and the more you give him, the bigger the helipad at his Virginia mansion.

Organized religion: it's one hell of a drug.
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