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5.10.12 Bee-otch of the Day: people against gay marriage

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The south: it's what's holding America back.

On Tuesday, the state of North Carolina voted on a measure that banned gay marriage in the state, which also takes some benefits away from straight couples, too. Only a small number of counties voted against the measure.

However, after quite some time dodging the issue, President Obama has finally stepped out and announced that he's pro-gay marriage. Many are feeling that Obama's stance on the issue is quite controversial, since many of his black supporters also are against gay marriage and his more conservative supporters as well. Some are even saying that is could cost him some votes come November.

But let's remember something. I'm no Biblical expert, but as far as I know, the only verse in the Holy Book explains that God created man and woman to come to together to procreate. OK, then. Now, look at me. I'll be 31 in a few weeks and I hate to say this, but I only had one serious girlfriend in my life, and it was a girl I totally hated. Even worse, this relationship was over 10 years ago. I've tried almost everything to find a girlfriend: bars, going to the mall and even the internet. NOTHING. Sadly, I might end up with a woman that I'll end up hating, but to tell the truth, I'd rather have a relationship with my right hand over a woman with more chins than a Chinese phone book.

So, I might leave this great Earth without being a Dad. Does that make me a sinner? Well, according to the right winged asshole's definition of gay, sadly, yes. True, I can go to church to see if my queen's there, but I'm not going to risk having a preacher yell and scream at me to give him money to do so.

Look, Chuckamaniacs, we're in this together. Us straights and the LGBTs must come together, because we succeed if we swim together and we'll fail if we sink. As for President Obama, I think it's important that we stand by him. Dubya was anti-gay, and guess where that lead us. I sure as hell don't want a wealthy CEO running this country again.

I'll except civil unions and gay marriage. But jack off in my face like Eddie at Mulligan's Bar in Grand Rapids, and you've crossed the line.

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