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5.21.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Parents Television Council

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Name: Parents Television Council
Age: 17
Occupation: right winged hate group
Last Seen: Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA
Bee-otched For: still bitching about Howard Stern

It's official: Howard Stern is still the King of All Media.

Last week, his judging duties on America's Got Talent proved that not only could he be a great judge but also have a soft side as well. He was being berated by many religious groups for trying to bring his brand of filth to an otherwise family show, but, he's done a decent job of keeping the program TV-PG.

One group, the Parents Television Council urged advertisers to ban the show, but to no avail. As a matter of fact, The show's two main sponsors - Snapple (which was a long-time sponsor of Stern's radio show for years) and Orville Redenbacher (owned by ConAgra) - seemed to be OK with a man associated with lesbians and strippers hosting the program.

Oh, and remember, AGT was once hosted with a man also associated with lesbians and strippers (and hookers for that matter): Jerry Springer.

Heck, even KSL-TV in Salt Lake City - a station long-notorious for banning network shows that contradict with the station's owners, the Mormon Church's stances -  is airing the show.

But as history has taught us, the dirtiest of the dirtiest can be clean, too. Just ask George Carlin (who played a pint-size conductor on Shining Time Station) and Richard Pryor (who starred in The Toy). Now, it's Howard Stern's turn. As a fan of shows like AGT and American Idol, Stern proved to all that as a radio professional, he can keep it clean. The show has a ton of kids competing and he's good to show that he's no potty-mouth around them. Hell, I loved how he showed some emotion to the daddy-daughter acts, especially to the one that sang "You've Got a Friend".

Thankfully, as far as I know, the PTC is the only group angry with Stern doing AGT. Even the American Decency Association, which created the infamous "Howard Stern Information and Action Page" years ago has laid off Stern. Maybe it's this: there's worse shows on TV these days. Look at Real Housewives: there's lots of fighting and fisticuffs every other minute on the show. There's plenty of fights on Springer, but he has what theHousewives don't: bodyguards. If Springer didn't have Jason and Pete holding them down, the program would not only get more interesting, it would probably be the victim of many a lawsuit and liabilities. I'm not the guy who does the budget on Springer, so I don't know what's cheaper: keeping the guards or getting sued.

The point is, the PTC needs to get into the times. This isn't 1995 anymore. Just the other day, I heard a promo for Free Beer and Hot Wings on WGRD here in Grand Rapids, and the duo was talking about a woman with a tramp stamp tattoo of her grandmother's name over her buttcrack. One of the guys talked about "slinging yogurt" over the tramp stamp and hoping that the grandmother loved TCBY. OK, so where's the ADA where you need them? How 'bout the PTC?

Never mind. To them, Howard's the only bad guy out there. 

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