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5.14.12 Bee-otch of the Day: the movie industry

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Name: the movie studios
Age: 100 is the oldest
Occupation: the makers of motion pictures
Last Seen: Hollywood, CA
Bee-otched For: bitching about something that's not really killing them

Looks like 2012 is looking to be a banner year for the movies.

Last year wasn't very hot, but thanks to mega blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Avengers, movie studios have nothing to blame these days as to why their movies bombed at the box office. Last weekend, it wasThe Avengers that made movie history by becoming the first movie in history to make $100 million in its second week of release. When it debuted last week, it made over $200 million domestically. However, since the film's been out for a month internationally, it's now made over a billion dollars.

I went and saw The Avengers Sunday night, and like Roger Ebert, I gave it three stars. Lots of action, and it did have a slight storyline to follow. Of course, I'm no diehard fan of comic books, but it was still fun nonetheless.

So, where's the pissing and moaning from Hollywood about piracy?

Yeah, piracy, you know, where people could download stuff for free, albeit illegally?

In all honesty, I'm shocked that The Avengers had probably been online illegally for quite some time, but people were honorable enough to their comic book heroes enough to support it. Not to mention that we're talking about post-Bushitler times where people are still looking for work. Thankfully for me, my cousin had an extra ticket for the show, and I got in scot-free. If not, I might have made a consideration to download it for free since I didn't feel like sitting through two hours of little bastards babbling throughout the film behind me (which happened to me sadly).

If the company that made The Avengers - Paramount - decided to round up who downloaded the film from a P2P site, they're proving to the world that plain and simple, they don't care about those who don't have the money to see it, or live too far from any theatre showing it. They've made a billion bucks so far, and it's already profitable. Robert Downey, Jr. can go ahead and buy a new mansion, ScarJo can get that Bentley and their CEO can buy his 20th yacht. Move along, nothing to see here.

Battleship, on the other hand, might end up as laughable as the Transformers movies. There's only two ways to find out now: go to your favorite P2P site, or go overseas.

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