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5.9.12 Bee-otches of the Day: Parents Television Council

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Name: Parents Television Council
Age: 17
Occupation: right-winged hate group
Last Seen: Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA
Bee-otched For: judging a book by its cover
Next Monday, Howard Stern's debut on America's Got Talent will be aired on NBC and it's expected to draw massive ratings.

However, one group is trying to prevent it from happening.

The Parents Television Council's at it again, urging advertisers to stop supporting the show only because of Howard Stern being one of the show's judges. Of course, Howard's replacing Piers Morgan, who left to focus on his failing CNN show. But anyway, 91 of the show's sponsors were given letters from the PTC, stating that Howard is misogynist and yadda yadda yadda.

Oh, and Sharon Osbourne's one of the judges, too, and her husband once bit the head off a bat and urinated on the Alamo. Plus, I'll betcha that Howie Mandel's said a few dirty jokes here and there.

Many are speculating that Stern - who was fired from NBC Radio in 1986 - will bring in the ratings for the network that once hated him. Of course, NBC is now mostly owned by Comcast, who also is one of the owners of his pay per view channel, Howard TV.

So, what's the PTC's problem? Simple: they're fame whores. If you go to their website, they have a list of "celebrities" who are on the organization's panel. Some of them, including Billy Ray Cyrus had shows on a little network called PAX. Remember them? They were supposed to be a family friendly network with nothing but wholesome shows everybody could watch. But guess what happened? PAX bombed. Why? Their shows reached a demographic that was very sparse, which didn't attract the right advertisers. PAX is still in business, but has since reorganized as Ion, which shows mostly dramas like Cold Case and The Ghost Whisperer.

(I'll give Ion some credit for their investment in Qubo, which shows old Filmation shows like He-Man and She-Ra during the overnight hours. I'd rather have "I Have the Power" earwormed in my head over Billy Ray Cyrus choking as a doctor any time).

Oh, and guess how many members the PTC has? 12,000. Stern? 20 MILLION LISTENERS. Do the math. People want to watch Howard. If the PTC wants to throw a pissy fit over Howard, go ahead. They're only promoting AGT, not censoring it. When something's censored, people will fight to watch or hear it.

Quick, PTC! I saw a promo for Off Their Rockers featuring an old man in a restaurant with a nude blow-up doll! CALL THE FCC!

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