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9.10.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Lee Van Ameyde

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Name: Lee VanAmeyde
Age: ???
Occupation: news anchor, WZZM-TV Grand Rapids
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: kissing right-wing ass

Another well-respected newsman in Grand Rapids has turned himself into a right-winged phony.

Here in Grand Rapids, we have four TV stations that do news: WWMT 3 (CBS), WOOD-TV 8 (NBC), WZZM 13 (ABC) and WXMI 17 (Fox). Sadly, all four stations tend to have some type of right-winged BS that's the equal to throwing a wrench into the gears.

WWMT was recently purchased by Sinclair Broadcasting, the same company that aired a lie-filled documentary on presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004. WXMI naturally airs national and international news stories from (who else?) Fox News Channel.

So, that leaves WOOD and WZZM. However, WOOD-TV meteorologist Terri DeBoer caused a stir in 2006 when she hosted a fundraiser for Amway chairman Dick DeVos, who was running for governor. Another WOOD weatherman, Bill Steffen, also caused controversy when he expressed his religious views on a website.

But now, it's WZZM's turn, and its lead male news anchor, 35-year broadcast veteran Lee VanAmeyde has proved himself as a Grade A dumbass by kissing the ass of right-winged elitists. Last June, VanAmeyde co-hosted an event for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy with another news anchor, Anne Schieber, formerly with WOOD-TV. The event featured Arthur Brooks, the president of yet another right-winged group, the American Enterprise Institute, whose members include CEOs of companies like ExxonMobil, American Express and Dow Chemical and is corporately funded by companies like General Electric, BP, Shell and in the past, Enron. The group is known for their outrageous opinions, such as censorship of the arts.

The Mackinac Center claims to be non-partisan, but guess who funds them? The DeVoses, the Van Andels and the Princes, who also fund that idiot who tried to get Howard Stern off the air. But, guess who the Mackinac Center gets its money from? The Waltons, the Coors, The ExxonMobils, the Dows, the JPMorganChases and yes, the Kochs.

To me, having a newsman like Lee VanAmeyde host an event for right-winged jerks tells me that he doesn't give a damn about those who are trying to make it in life. It makes me proud that I don't get WZZM on my over-the-air antenna, but rather WOTV 41, which is now the yenta station. But hey! I'd rather learn about baby care from Carly Munoz (although I'm without child) than to watch an old dude preach to the Republican choir.

My remote control and WZZM's lack of signal in my side of town are Lee VanAmeyde's worst enemy.


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