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9.26.12 Bee-otch of the Day: students at Ogemaw Heights High School, West Branch, MI

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Names: unknown
Ages: 14-18
Occupation: students
Last Seen: West Branch, MI
Bee-otched For: trying to ruin the life of one of their own

Of course, we all remember the 1976 movie Carrie - based from the Stephen King book - about the awkward teenager who used her demonic powers to seek revenge on her classmates after they spilled hundreds of gallons of pig's blood on her at the senior prom.

It seems that many teenage girls could only wish they had that power in this sad society where teens get teased for just about everything and anything. Things only seem to get worse when the town they live in is a little out-of-the-way community of just over 2,000 souls.

Whitney Kropp is such an example. A 16-year-old Sophomore at Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, about an hour north of Saginaw off I-75, this beautiful young woman has very few friends. Of course, the ones with no friends tend to be the butt of jokes and even worse, sick pranks.

Earlier this month as school was beginning for another year, Kropp became elated when she learned that she was elected to Homecoming Court. But, it turned out to be a sick prank because apparently, the group of students who voted her in thought it would be cool if an unpopular kid got elected. Her classmates pointed at her in the hallways and the boy who was picked with her in the court dropped out.

According to Kropp, her classmates told her that it was because nobody wanted to be around her.

Whitney was sad and confused. In the report above, she even told TV station WNEM in Bay City that she even considered suicide.

But, like many small towns do, they rally around their own.

When news of Whitney Kropp's bullying went around, a Facebook page was created in support of her. Businesses stepped up; hair salons offered to do her hair for free. People are offering her free dinners, fix her nails and even dress her for the occasion. People are now going to pack the stadium at Friday's Homecoming game dressed in orange, Whitney's favorite color. Needless to say, Whitney is overwhelmed.

Now, the young girl who was teased and made fun of at her school of just 800 students now has 75,000 fans on her Facebook support page. Businesses are still giving her freebies and a 68-year-old grandmother is nice enough to be her escort for the Homecoming game against Cadillac.

The school is investigating the incident, but it's going to be extremely tough to determine who made the ballots or what motivation caused Kropp's name to be mentioned at all if she was so unpopular. If the people aren't caught, I hope to God that what they get in life will be much worse than any punishment they'll ever receive.

Maybe instead of pig's blood, it'll be shit thrown at them.


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