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9.13.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat Robertson

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Name: Pat Robertson
Age: 82Occupation: SatanLast Seen: Virginia Beach, VA
Bee-otched For: proving that it's time for him to retire

From its humble beginnings in 1966 at a small UHF TV station in Hampton Roads, VA,  The 700 Club has been television's leading Christian TV program. It began as a telethon where station owner Pat Robertson told his viewers that if 700 people could donate $10 each, it would be enough to keep the station on the air. Pat's speech worked, and soon, tiny WYAH-TV became a flourishing station. Soon, Pat's media empire grew, and in 1972,The 700 Club became syndicated.

Over the years, the program became one of the most-controversial in television history, especially for its far-right politics. Robertson even became known for his moronic rants; alongside the late Jerry Falwell, he proclaimed that the events on 9/11 were caused by liberals, feminists and gays. Insensitive comments are what Robertson's known for, and on Monday, he didn't make any exceptions.

On his daily segment Bring it Online where viewers submit questions to Robertson about faith and other issues, a viewer named Michael asked Robertson what his feelings were regarding his abusive wife. His reply: "Well, you can become a Muslim and beat her".

Sadly, his co-host, former Miss America Terry Meeuswen (who is probably only one of maybe three or four women in that contest's history to *actually* do anything after they've retired their crown) found Robertson's comment funny. Even worse, Robertson later proclaimed that even though Scripture condones divorce, maybe they can move to Saudi Arabia so he can beat her.

The sad thing is that people actually watch this old prick and think that he's Jesus. The truth is, is that he's breaking Biblical code by ignoring that verse in the book "it's easier for a camel to go through a needle than for a rich man to go to Heaven". He's easily a billionaire and doesn't admit it. Why? Simple: he loves it when poor people give him money, especially after they show those retarded stories that show people giving to The 700 Club and becoming better off financially and spiritually.

Folks, I have a story to tell. This involves a man who donated to programs like The 700 Club and others. This man barely graduated from high school and fell into the hands of pill-popping in the 1970's, screwing him mentally. He never married not did he have kids. Some years ago, he decided to give what was part of his already-meager paycheck to televangelists because in his mind, you give God $10 and you get 100-fold back, right? Well, he's wrong. He lives in a small trailer and up until recently, had a crappy job. However, he lost it as part of management restructuring. Now, he's blown through his retirement and lost his unemployment as well.

And yes, this is true. Why? This is a member of my own family we're talking about.

You see, folks, Pat Robertson is a fraud, plain and simple. For him to tell people that Muslims are wife beaters show how peanut-sized his brain is. I'll betcha that 99% of all Muslims don't beat up their wives. I know, The Bible says "put no Gods before me", but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't respect others' faiths.

Maybe we should pray that Pat's wife carry around a baseball bat at all times.

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