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9.4.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Sun Myung Moon

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Name: Sun Myung Moon
Age: 92
Occupation: cult leader
Last Seen: well, that's a good question....
Bee-otched For: being one of the greatest brainwashers in world history
On Labor Day weekend, a few famous faces entered the great beyond.

There was Hal David, who, along with Burt Bachrach gave us "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" and "What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love".

But there was another deceased man who didn't quite spread love, but rather pure unadulterated bullshit.

As a little boy, Sun Myung Moon claimed that he actually saw Jesus, thus making him a prophet. He created one of the weirdest churches in world history, the Unification Church, which claims to have some seven million members around the world. However, some claim that number's exaggerated, and it's only 100,000. Rev. Moon was also known for his mass weddings; many of his newlyweds never even knew each other.

I know, it's not very nice to spit on the dead. But, there's exceptions, and Rev. Moon was one of them. Even though he felt that he personally knew Jesus, many Christians actually did fall into his trap. Case in point: in 1982, he founded a little alternative newspaper called The Washington Times. When it was created, the Times was hailed as a conservative alternative to the very liberal and very respected Post. It's amazing that many Christian Conservatives laud the Times for its worldviews, yet, it was owned by a cult leader.

(For the record, the biggest investor of the Post just happens to be Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway)

One of my fondest memories of Moon's brainwashing came a few years ago when I was at my local shopping mall here in Grand Rapids. I was walking out to my car, when at the mall's entrance stood a bunch of African immigrants. One of them came to me, handing me a book. He told me that it's a "good book that will help you know God better". Yep, it was a book written by the good Reverend himself. And even worse, it had no pricetag on it, so no craigslist sale there. I did read a little bit of this book, published by the Washington Times Foundation, and found it to be a bunch of hooey.

True, Moon used his media company, News World International to bash communism during the Reagan years, let's not forget that many people who call themselves preachers will tend to be wolves in sheep's clothing. It was his hope that the gullible conservatives who read his dreck would drink the Kool-Aid and join in his little cult. Thankfully, I think most Christians know the difference between true faith and a cult.

Now that Moon's dead, many do speculate that his religion will eventually die. GREAT! Maybe the Times will follow him into the grave. That paper's circulation sucks, and in an economy where some mid-sized towns no longer have a daily paper, it should give people like me hope that it would give people one less right-winged pile of horseshit to sift through.

So long, Rev. Moon. I doubt God will allow you to do any more weddings.
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