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9.20.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Sinclair Broadcast Group and WMYD-TV Detroit

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Names: Sinclair Broadcast Group and WMYD-TVAge: 41, 44
Occupation: broadcast giant, Detroit MyNetworkTV affiliateLast Seen: Hunt Valley, MD, Detroit, MI
Bee-otched For: making people scream "I WANT MY COOLTV!"


Oh, great. Another great TV network whose future's in doubt.

Late last month, all 32 of Sinclair Broadcast Group's stations dropped TheCoolTV, a music video channel that did something MTV used to do back in the day: play music videos. The independently-run channel's library spans from all the way back to the 1960's through today, and covers most modern forms of music, mainly pop, rock and even some country.

What makes TheCoolTV so unique is that their library's so deep that if you put it on right now, chances are that you'll see a video you haven't seen before, or even years. It might be a video you love to death, or one you totally hate.

Of course, TheCoolTV is not the first music video channel seen on your local TV station's .2 or .3s. Remember The Tube? Almost the same concept, although it was a more adult and gold-based channel. Since most people didn't have digital TV sets at the time, it bombed. Now that many, like myself have long since dumped cable and is just using an antenna, it's nice having a channel or two or three that shows stuff you won't see on cable anymore.

But sadly, TheCoolTV may soon face the grisly death of its predecessor.

Not only did SBG can TheCoolTV on all their subchannels, Detroit's MyNetworkTV station, WMYD-TV 20, owned by Granite Broadcasting, also canned the fledgling channel due to financial issues. SBG never revealed why they dropped the channel.

What might be more sad is that TheCoolTV now has more ex-affiliates than current: 56 ex vs. a mere 15 now. Most of their remaining stations are owned by LIN Media and Scripps. Thankfully, one of those stations is WOTV-41 here in west Michigan.

If LIN cans TheCoolTV, shame on them. I hope their owners can work something out to gain new affiliates and to show that music on TV is alive and well. Yeah, they might play a Justin Bieber tune or two, but they play a lot of other cool stuff that you'll never, ever see on MTV ever again, ever.

Maybe if TheCoolTV showed more pregnant 16-year-olds, they could gain a few more affiliates....


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