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1.10.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Pat and Debby Boone

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Names: Pat and Debby Boone
Ages: 79, 57
Occupations: entertainers
Last Seen: California
Bee-otched For: selling more junk than Sanford and Son
Like father, like daughter.

Two of pop music’s most-annoying figures have always been Pat Boone and his daughter Debby. In the 1950’s, Pat was notorious for his clean-cut versions of popular R&B hits like “Tutti Frutti” and “Ain’t That A Shame”. He became a hit in the south with those songs partly due to the fact that they were both originally done by blacks and well, he was white.

And then there’s his daughter Debby, who had the single-biggest hit of the 1970’s with “You Light Up My Life”, which spent over three months at #1 on the pop charts. Even though that little love song to Jesus was a smash hit in the wake of disco’s popularity, it was her only major hit. Now at 56, Boone is lending her likeness to a product called “Lifestyle Lift”, which is a cosmetic procedure anybody can do at home. She appears in a few ads for the product – which she never reveals she uses – including an infomercial.

She’s even being seen re-recording her sole hit with a full orchestra. Kinda reminds me of Chuck Mangione turning “Taps” into “Feels So Good” on King of the Hill

But if watching Debby Boone reaching out to old ladies like herself isn’t retching enough, her daddy’s current ad for gold coin distributor Swiss America should make you puke blood. In the computer-animated ad, President Obama and Ben Bernake are throwing money out of a hot air balloon when Swiss American spokesman Boone uses a slingshot with a gold coin to bring down the balloon. Luckily, the two aren’t seriously hurt at the end of the ad, but wishing ill will on the president? Come on!

Yeah, it’s got the same humor as an old Warner Bros. Looney Tune, but it’s not as well-animated. I don’t ever think I ever saw an old cartoon on TV poking fun at FDR or even Truman. The ad is nothing more than some company blaming the world’s problems on Obama and not much else.

Oh, and so far, the only channel I’ve seen the Swiss American ads has been WLLA channel 64 out of Kalamazoo, a Christian-based station that also shows secular fare as well. Not much of a coincidence there.

IMO, the Boones can go on and sell more junk than Sanford and Son. I won’t buy it. An ad showing Pat Boone killing the president is, well, creepy, and not very Christian, ain’t it?
But when we’re talking about somebody who once hung out with Ozzy, anything’s possible.

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