Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1.15.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Hobby Lobby

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Name: Hobby Lobby
Age: 41
Occupation: arts and crafts store
Last Seen: Oklahoma City, OK
Bee-otched For: not wanting to be Jesus to their employees
Dear Hobby Lobby, what would Jesus do?


The so-called Christian retailer has found a way to avoid paying a $18.2 million fine in regards to the Affordable Healthcare Act (or "Obamacare"). Under the mandate, the billion-dollar company would have had to pay for contraceptives for their female employees. However, the company claims that the law affected the company and founder David Green's religious beliefs and is now trying to take a stand against the government by not allowing their female workers the care that they need.

Now, according to their lawyer, the company, which just revealed their newest health care plan has found a loophole to avoid paying the fines, at least for several months.

Hobby Lobby is a popular arts and crafts megastore chain that bases their business practices on Christian values. The music heard in their stores is predominately Christian and none of their locations are open Sundays. However, Green is breaking one giant law in the Bible: he's worth $2.6 billion. Ever hear of camels going through needles, Dave?

I'll betcha that Green's the type that thinks that if one of his female employees is raped, it's her fault. After all, in the feeble Jebus freak mind, God sent the rapist to force her to bend over and take it so she can be his baby mommy. OK, there's adoption, but wasting nine months to give birth to somebody who might as well be like his Dad? Sorry, but there's too many of that in this country.

As somebody who doesn't buy many arts and crafts as-is, I'm happy to say that I've never stepped foot into a Hobby Lobby and probably never will. Thanks, but I was raised on Ben Franklin and many of their locations are run by families trying to make it like you and me, not billionaires who use false religious values to make a buck.

Oh, and many Ben Franklins are open Sundays. :)
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