Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1.8.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel

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Name: Clear Channel
Age: 41
Occupation: radio giant
Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
Bee-otched For: killing a legend
It’s official: the state of Michigan no longer has a 24/7 progressive talk radio station.

At midnight New Years Day, WDTW 1310 ceased to exist as owner Clear Channel signed the station off for good. The company is transferring its license to a minority group, but chances are, the station may never sign back on, ever.

Word is that CC is selling off the land where the station’s six-tower array sits, and that their towers will be torn down. Apparently, Clear Channel thinks that the land is worth than the station itself.

Many old-timers remember 1310 as WKNR “Keener 13”, which played top 40 music in the 1960’s. However, it’s seen way too many format changes over the years, including several simulcasts with original sister WNIC 100.3. There were many times 1310 had a big fat zero in the ratings, but progressive talk did help the station a little; its last ratings book showed WDTW with a .5. Not too bad for a station with an impaired signal.

It’s not a real secret that Clear Channel never truly cared for the liberal crowd; some think that they only aired progressive talk on their weakest signals to prove to their full line of right gabbers like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck that progressive talk is a loser format. Truth is, they never gave it a real chance, and the loser’s any radio listener with an IQ over room temperature.

Even worse, there’s a rumor that CC is going to flip their sports station, WDFN 1130 to a talk format in light of WXYT 1270 flipping to sports from owner CBS. WXYT previously aired Glenn Beck and other righties, so you can guess the puke-worthy conclusion here.

Radio: catering to stupid people since 1987.
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