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1.17.13 Bee-otch of the Day: NRA

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Name: National Rifle Association
Age: 142
Occupation: right-wing gun lobbyists
Last Seen: Fairfax, VA
Bee-otched For: capitalizing on Sandy Hook
Yesterday, President Obama did something that pleased many Americans who believe in what the Second Amendment truly stood for. In front of children and even those affected by the massacre at Sandy Hook several weeks ago, he proposed legislation that would limit the sale of assault weapons and ammunition.

And yes, needless to say, the National Rifle Association was probably shitting its pants over this.

Because of the president's proposal of banning assault rifles, the organization released the ad seen above criticizing the president for his policies and not wanting to adopt theirs. Shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre revealed his plan to reduce school violence: put guards in every school in America.

Too bad there were guards at Columbine the day Kyle Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire.

Yeah, real classy for the NRA to shove Sasha and Malia into the gun debate. Their school has guards in part because THEY'RE THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTERS! DUH! I know, each child's life is as important as the next, but should a school in a small town of 500 with virtually no crime have the same police protection as an inner-city school in a city of thousands that's loaded with crime and guns? Probably not.

Soon, even movie theatres, under the NRA mandate would have guards too, jacking up the price of admission. Yep, the NRA sure loves America to be a police state so Jim Bob White Trash Redneck can have his AK-47 while your kid has to go through the po-po to get to class.

Folks, when the Second Amendment was signed, the only guns we had were muskets that took forever to load and shoot. Our Founding Fathers didn't sign it with machine guns in mind. Sandy Hook happened in part because Nancy Lanza was a doomsday believer and loaded up herself up with guns and ammo, and her mentally unstable Autistic son Adam knew about it. Instead of taking his anger to a counselor or trusted individual, he took it out on small elementary school children.

Remember, folks, not long after the Columbine incident, the NRA was airing 30-minute infomercials hosted by then-president Charlton Heston that did the same thing: blasted celebrities who were anti-gun but yet had their kids go to schools with armed guards. Yet, when Michael Moore confronted the actor at his house in Bowling For Columbine, he stuck his tail between his legs and walked away when Moore gave him a picture of a little girl killed by a little boy with a gun at a Flint, MI elementary school. You see, the right doesn't really care about kids, after all. They only want this nation to remain the most-violent nation on Earth and blame it all on the media.

Look, other nations did the right thing and banned assault weapons and their gun crimes are only a few dozen. We had 11,000 gun deaths last year. Here in Grand Rapids, we had nine gun deaths since the beginning of this year. Let's show the world that we're not going to stand up to these right-winged nutjobs and reverse all this. We need fewer guns, not more.

As Wayne LaPierre said, "the best way to get rid of a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun". Police, please cuff Mr. LaPierre now.
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