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1.14.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Alex Jones

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Name: Alex Jones
Age: 38
Occupation: right-winged jerkoff
Last Seen: Austin, TX
Bee-otched For: wanting Piers Morgan to be deported
Do we REALLY need another right-winged kook running AM talk radio? Well, we have another.

Alex Jones is a right-winged dipshit out of Austin, TX whose daily radio show airs from noon-3 p.m. EST (Rush's slot, of all things) on the very low-rent Genesis Communication Network. Here in Michigan, the sole station airing his daily dreck is WJML 1110/1210 out of Petoskey/Traverse City.

Last week, Jones made headlines when he went on Piers Morgan's struggling CNN talk show arguing his stances on gun ownership. This, in part is due to him currently passing a petition to get the British TV personality deported out of America for wanting to rid this country of guns in wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. On the show, Jones - who sounded a hell of a lot like Yosemite Sam -  compared those wanting to abolish anti-gun laws to Hitler and Stalin. Jones also acknowledged that yes, there were 11,000 gun murders in America last year and 74% of those were gang-related. Yet there were a few hundred in Piers' home country of England and that's only because there's not a gang culture like we have here in America.

Jones pretty much proved to himself as a giant jackass in the clip. Gang violence or not, 74% of 11,000 is still about 2,800, making us still the most-violent nation on Earth. He should also realize that when our founding fathers signed the Constitution, we didn't have semi-automatic machine guns and such. We had muskets that took forever to load with just one shot.

Bear in mind that Jones is nothing more than a Dale Gribble wannabe who believes that Obama's from Kenya and blames the government for everything that happens on Earth. Remember, folks, America is a country that has suffered through Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Sandy Hook and others and our gun laws haven't changed much. Yet, when Janet Jackson bared her right breast on the Super Bowl, our government went into action to protect our kids from something that has never killed anybody, ever.

And Alex Jones isn't helping.
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