Thursday, January 24, 2013

1.24.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Pattie Mallette

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Name: Pattie Mallette
Age: 37
Occupation: author, movie producer
Last Seen: Canada
Bee-otched For: producing crap
Hey, wanna know another good reason why I support the right to choose? Well, look no further than a woman named Pattie Mallette.

As a young girl, Pattie's dad left her family. She was molested many times by various people and got hooked on drugs as a teen. She began shoplifting and dropped out of school her senior year.
At 15, she hooked up with a boy named Jeremy and at 17, she got pregnant. She was suicidal and was even thinking about having an abortion. But, it was because she found Jesus, she decided to have the baby anyway. She raised him as a single mother, living on food stamps and government assistance.

Now, Pattie is an experienced author of a book called Nowhere But Up and is now producing a movie called Crescendo, starring former Doritos girl Ali Landry. The movie's profits will be used to support pro-life pregnancy centers worldwide.

I know, Pattie's story is one that should make some feel happy to be pro-life. Her story is very inspiring and should help others.

But sadly, guess who happens to be her son: Justin Bieber.

Yep, this born-again Christian author and movie producer is the mother of Satan. Say what you will about the Bieb, but when I hear about stories like this, I wonder, what would this world be like without him?


So there you go, folks. If you think that you can't support yourself raising a kid, please have an abortion. I've met too many people who came from poor families that should have been aborted because they're too fucking stupid.

And Justin Bieber's one of them.

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