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6.18.14 Bee-otch of the Day: people who bitch about strip clubs

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New York has The Village Voice. Detroit has The Metro Times. But indie paper lovers in northern Michigan have Northern Express.

Recently, the Express' founders sold the paper to new owners and there have been changes, both bad (like the canceling of cartoons Tom the Dancing Bug and This Modern World) and good. And what I mean by good is the fact that strip clubs are now allowed to advertise in the Express again.

A few years ago, I remember going to Fantasy's in Chums Corners and there was a petition to allow the Express to publish their ads. I felt that it was hypocritical of the paper since they have chiseled young men advertising SideTraxx, Traverse City's gay club. Although the ads are small, strip clubs in the region now have no problem advertising in the paper.

But at least one reader was pissed.

Tina Ulrich of Traverse City wrote this gem, which was the only letter published in this week's edition:

The ad for the strip club in the June 9 issue was pretty terrible. “Supporting single moms one dollar at a time” is cruel and belittling to the women who have no other option but to strip for a living to feed their kids. The children of women who do this work often live chaotic lives with mothers who resort to alcohol and drugs in order to stand their jobs. Supporting single moms is giving them a shot at a decent job at a living wage and reliable, quality child care, not throwing your spare change at them while they take off their clothes. Northern Express is better than this. You don’t need this kind of ad revenue.

So ALL women who are strippers are junkies? Excuse me? Yes, as a former semi-regular to Deja Vu in Kalamazoo, I've met some *ahem* interesting people, but NOT ALL STRIPPERS ARE DRUGGIES, YOU STUPID BITCH!!!

Sadly, the Express wasn't the only piece of media that bitchslapped by a stripper hater; this very website got a nice (sarcasm) letter from Elise Hilton from Sparta, who wrote about my bashing of Michigan state senator Judy Emmons' wanting to tax strip clubs in Michigan:

So glad you've had pleasant experiences with the degradation of women. Perhaps this might inform you a bit more regarding strip clubs and sex trafficking:
Oh, geez! I better stop going to strip clubs just because I go there and there's a Bosnian twirling around a pole! In all the years I've been to strip clubs, NOT ONCE has a foreigner come to me to tell me that she's a slave. By the way, Ms. Hilton is employed by the Acton Institute, a right-winged BS group.

Folks, I work with Bosnians and Vietnamese. Are these people illegal? I don't think so. So why are people so hell-bent on trying to shut down the strip club industry over alleged illegal workers? Simple: Republicans hate the adult entertainment business, plain and simple, and they make up bullshit lies about the women who work there.

Look at Canada: the clubs there are raunchier than the ones here, and Canada overall is safer to live in than the US. It's sad that people seem to only care about stopping the human trafficking industry, but there's bigger problems in Michigan. How about fixing the roads? How about creating jobs so we don't see as many panhandlers at 28th and Breton or in front of the Costco in Cascade?

My girlfriend (yep, the reason why there was no Bee-otch of the Day yesterday) has three college degrees. Yet, she can't find ANYTHING above where she's at right now, and it's part-time retail. I think it's beyond time to create jobs here in Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan and not worry about strippers. There's worse industries out there than strip clubs and people need to know the truth.

It's time to show these people how it's like to be struggling for work.


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