Thursday, June 5, 2014

6.5.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Justin Bieber AGAIN

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Name: Justin Bieber
Age: 20
Occupation: hack
Last Seen: meh.
Bee-otched For: being a little racist... a little bit more
Yesterday, we slammed the Biebster for a stupid video he made five years ago where he tells a racist joke.

Now, Justin Bieber is in hot water again because of another video where he sings a racist tune. In the clip, a 14-year-old Bieber is repeatedly singing the n-word and wanting to join the KKK. 

With his recent hijinks, many are wondering if the punkass Canuck's career can survive. After all, he owes his career to black people like Usher and BET.

Bieber should have known why the n-word offends blacks. True, blacks use it a lot in music and such, but that's their word. I hope that after his last apology that people will understand why Bieber should not be trusted. Urban radio stations should ban his music and the same goes with urban-based media outlets.

Better yet, why not just send his sorry ass back to Canada?


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