Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6.3.14 Bee-otch of the Day: the Republican Party

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Name: the Republican party
Age: 160
Occupation: right-winged pricks
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: still not doing a damn thing about gun laws

It's been well over a week since the last Bee-otch of the Day rolled off the lot and there's a few reasons: 1) Memorial Day vacation and 2) guess who actually has a girlfriend now? ;) Yep, and you all thought that I was incapable of getting one. In other words, if there's no updates to Bee-otch of the Day, there's a good reason why....

Now, on with the program, and while we were away, another meaningless gun tragedy occurred near Santa Barbara, CA when a troubled 22-year-old male opened fire and killed seven college students. The perpetrator, Elliot Rodger was the son of British filmmaker Peter Rodger, who was an assistant director of The Hunger Games. Rodger was autistic and at 22 was still a virgin, thinking that women hated him. He made a series of YouTube videos attacking women for hating him and in his last video, talked about plotting his attack on the "beautiful people" that get laid while undatables like himself end up sad and lonely. After his murders, Rodger fatally shot himself.

Despite the fact that he had mental problems, he legally bought $5,000 worth of guns to blast away at his enemies.

After the massacre, many from the left and right had their say. Michael Moore released a statement on his Facebook stating that he's done talking about the gun debate since Americans keep electing gun-friendly politicians who kiss the NRA's ass. On the other hand, Christian film critics Tom Snyder and Ted Baehr of Movieguide claims that Rodger watched too many movies filled with sex and violence which caused him to stray away from God's word.

While it's true that Hollywood produces lots of sex and violence, those same films are distributed around the world where gun crimes are much lower than ours. The sad truth is, is that Michael Moore is right. We're too dumb to get off our asses and vote come election time, and therefore, we get stuck with politicians who get favors from the NRA to preserve the second amendment without thinking about the thousands who are murdered every year because of senseless gun violence. We need to keep guns away from people who should never be near them.

One last thing: as somebody who finally has a real girlfriend after all these years, my advice to all 22-year-old virgins is this: DON'T GIVE UP! Just because you were bullied in school and in life doesn't mean that girls hate you. Try internet dating; that's how I got my girlfriend.

My thoughts are with the victims of this pathetic disaster. I hope that the fact that Elliot Rodger killed himself too will being closure. It's time that we end tragedies like this once and for all. If we can vote out all of the Republican assholes this year, I think there will be a huge drop in fatalities in years future.

Remember, America is still run by the people, not the NRA.


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