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6.25.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Joel Osteen

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Name: Joel Osteen
Age: 51
Occupation: fake preacher
Last Seen: Houston, TX
Bee-otched For: making Christianity expensive

Don'cha just love people who preach about a man who only wore rags all of his life on Earth, but they wear the nicest suits, drive the best cars and live in castles?

Yep, that's Joel Osteen.

Joel is one of the most-notorious preachers in America today, whose Lakewood Church - formerly the Summit in Houston - seats over 16,000 and even has weekly TV services. He lives in a mega mansion with money from the poor souls that donate to him and read his books.

Now, the mega preacher wants you to pay up to see him.

On his latest tour with wife Victoria, Osteen is charging a whopping $850 to get up close to him. I did not mince words. $850.
True, for those who still want to see Joel preach in person and you don't have $850 lying there in your bank account, you can still pay $17 to sit in the nosebleed section. True, you'll still get to hear his message of giving him money and the fact that there's no crosses on his church, all truth be told, it'll be like watching an ant preach.

But do you have $850? Cool. You can watch this Ed Grimley-lookalike asshole up close.

Folks, do you REALLY have $850 lying around? Here's some better uses for it: help a broke neighbor buy groceries, give it to a charity that has low overhead and gives most of their funds to those who need it, help support a neighborhood project in need. So on and so on.

Joel Osteen is yet another cocksucker who has never worked a single day in his life and has his whole world given to him by his daddy. Anybody who charges $850 to watch a religious event is a crook, plain and simple. Then again, most preachers, IMO are all wolves in sheep's clothing. Hell, we have a Christian DJ in Grand Rapids who's rotting in jail for child molestation. Would I ever give his station, WCSG money? NO! I'm careful where I spend my money.

Sorry, but if I go to a place that seats 16,000, I better see a rock concert, hockey game or basketball instead.


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