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6.19.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Betsy Devos

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Name: Betsy Devos
Age: 56
Occupation: none
Last Seen: Ada, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that she's a total cunt

Sadly in our society, it doesn't matter who you vote for, the people really running your state are the richest people where you live.

Here in Michigan, it's the Devos family, who gave us Amway, the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team, the Orlando Magic basketball team, every building in town named after them and even Fox Motors, and by the way, Devos means "the fox" in Dutch.

But one woman who is anything but a fox is Betsy Devos, who is not just a part of one rich family, but at least two. Her father, Edgar Prince was one of the wealthiest people in Michigan. He was the founder of Prince Corporation, which made vanity mirrors and computers for cars. Like the Devoses, the Princes support far-right-wing causes such as Focus on the Family and the American Decency Association. It's also worth noting that Betsy's brother, Erik Prince was behind the mess known as Blackwater/Xe during the Iraq war.

Well, Betsy is pissed because the president of the Michigan Education Association made a claim about her role in the state's right-to-work laws, and now she's threatening to sue.

Steve Cook is claiming that Devos, the former president of the Michigan Republican Party took state senators into a room and told them that if they didn't vote for the passing of the right-to-work law back in 2012, she would pay for somebody to take over their seats. Devos' plan of course worked since RTW was passed. Devos sent a letter to Cook, which states that if he does not retract that statement, she will sue him for libel.

So far, Cook has not responded to Devos' statement.

You see, Betsy Devos doesn't give a damn about you or me. She's never worked a single, fucking hour in her life thanks to her daddy and rich husband. The purpose of making Michigan RTW is so wealthy schmucks like the Devoses can get even more wealthier while Michigan's working class gets even more stuck. The truth is, Michigan's job development hasn't improved since Governor Snyder passed the bill. The Devoses are running this state. They don't care about me or you. It's all about making their bank account grow while we have people with three college degrees making minimum wage and barely making it.

Maybe it's time we drag Betsy Devos and her family into another room to tell them to knock it off.


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