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9.10.14 Bee-otches of the Day: Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land

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Names: Rick Snyder and Terri Lynn Land
Ages: both 56
Occupation: governor, ex-Secretary of State
Last Seen: Lansing, Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: spreading shit
Man, do the Repukes know how to produce lie after lie.

And not to forget, nightmares.

First off, Rick Snyder's latest campaign ad where his face takes up the screen with a two-lane highway as the backdrop. So far this campaign season, it has got to be the worst political ad I've seen on TV. It only shows how effin' weird the Nerd can be since I think he's trying to brainwash us. In the ad, he claims that we weren't changing. Really? In other words, going from a system that benefited workers to one that kissed the asses of the wealthy is good for Michigan. In terms of the economy recovering in Michigan, he claims, "you might not feel it yet". Sounds like the Turd is playing the Gil card (you know, the weird salesguy from The Simpsons who can't even sell an old, 1970's computer?).

The other campaign I'm looking at is the one that's sparring Terri Lynn Land vs. Gary Peters for Carl Levin's senate seat. Sadly, Ms. Land has a huge chip on her shoulder, and it's name is Koch.

In the ads that Peters' camp is blasting at Land, they talk about how the Koch brothers are dumping $6.5 million into her campaign. However, Land is claiming that Peters is in bed with another billionaire, Tom Steyer. But here's what Land doesn't tell you: yes, Steyer is wealthy, but 1) he's not as rich as the Koch Brothers ($1.6 billion vs. the Koch's combined $50 billion + fortune), 2) Steyer - unlike Charlie and David - has pledged to donate a good chunk of his fortune to charity and 3) Steyer is a leading environmentalist. Land's ads talk about her wanting to build the Keystone Pipeline but Steyer and Peters want to stop it. HELL YEAH I DON'T WANT IT! The fact that Land is in bed with the same pricks who dumped a big ass pile of pet coke in Detroit, polluting the air and water is enough proof that I sure as hell don't want Levin's seat to be taken by that Reformist Hollander bitch.

Oh, and some of the anti-Peters ads were funded by a little group called Crossroads GPS. Guess who started that little group? Karl Rove. Yep, one of Bush's butt buddies trying to get his hands back into politics.

It's time that Michigan makes sure that the Turd and the Dutch cunt stay the fucking hell out of here. Right now, Snyder is tied in a dead heat in the polls against Mark Shauer while Peters is kicking Land's ass. We need to make sure that all three houses and our local and state governments go blue this November or else the 1% wins.

And I'm not talking about Tom Steyer, either.


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