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9.8.14 Bee-otches of the Day: the Cleveland bullies

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Names: unknown
Ages: mid-teens
Occupations: students
Last Seen: Bay Village, OH
Bee-otched For: performing a horrifically gross stunt on a special needs student
For many youngsters, the day after Labor Day is one to dread.

But it's like Christmas for bullies.

Last week, a chilling video made its way onto the internet of a young, 15-year-old autistic boy who had thought that he accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. A group of teens he thought were friends coaxed him into the challenge at their school in Bay Village, OH. So, late at night, they had him over at somebody's house off school grounds. As he was accepting the challenge, a bucket of brown fluid was thrown on him. Turns out that the bucket was loaded with feces, spit, urine and cigarette butts. The whole thing was taken on the autistic teen's cell phone camera and the bullies decided to post it onto his Instagram account.

Ashamed about the incident, the autistic teen kept the video secret from his family, but his mother found the video anyway. His family took the problems to his school, Bay High School and the police. So far, no suspects have been named yet. Last Friday before the football game at Bay High, a vigil was held to honor those with ALS and autism.

But, the story gets better: actor/comedian/The Price is Right host Drew Carey has announced that he wants to donate $10,000 to a fund that will help find the bullies responsible for the crime. Carey is a native of Cleveland (and even more, former TPIR announcer Rich Fields is a native of Bay Village).

In a world of bad, there's a lot more good. I hope and pray that the assholes responsible for what happened to his poor, innocent teen get justice. They could have made him sick, or worse, killed him if the sewage they splattered on him was infected. Of course, Carrie got her revenge at the prom when pig's blood was poured on her, but at least she was able to wreak havoc on her bullies. This boy can't. In real life, the community must band together to get tough on people who use those with special needs for their feeble pranks.

Look, autistic people ARE NOT RETARDED. Many of them are high-functioning members of society and some are even quite successful, like actress Daryl Hannah, film director Stanley Kubrick, Jefferson Airplane/Starship singer Marty Balin and rock singer Courtney Love. True, there's many with autism who act funny to most people, but they have talents many do not have, like music, math and knowing things most people don't know about.

I think people - especially young teens - need to know what autism really is. The bullies who permanently hurt this innocent teen need to be thrown in jail.

According to the news report, semen was not in the bucket. Maybe when they're in jail and they *accidentally* drop the soap....


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