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9.17.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Rush Limbaugh

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Name: Rush Limbaugh
Age: 63
Occupation: morbidly obese fucktard
Last Seen: West Palm Beach, FL
Bee-otched For: thinking rape is cool
It was fifteen years ago that this very website was born on a WebTV.

It was originally called "Bring Howard Stern to Northern Michigan Radio and TV", designed to smack down the local media for ignoring the King of All Media, but standing up for hate-filled dipshits like Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh.

Thankfully, Laura is now on satellite radio because of her personal banishment from terrestrial radio over using the n-word 15 times in two minutes on her show. But, El Rushbo is still alive and well and using his three daily hours to spread his lunacy. A few years ago, Fatboy decided to call a law student a slut for defending an Obamacare mandate forcing employers to pay for employees' contraceptives. The backlash against Rush was huge, causing major advertisers.

Now, he's at it again. On Monday's show, Rush was talking about the rape and assault problems plaguing the NFL and proclaimed that he's tired of the modern definition of "no means no". So, he made the proclamation that no means yes "if you know where to spot it".

This coming from a bloated Oxy addict who has been married four times and (THANKFULLY) doesn't have kids.

Now, many are calling Rush's affiliates to drop his show and for what's left of his advertisers to do the same. Sad, since when I lived up in northern Michigan those 15 years ago, two out of the five major broadcasters up north carried his show on two different stations. Howard Stern - who respects and loves women - is bad while Rush is good.

But, the good news is that Rush is pretty washed up. His new affiliates in New York and Los Angeles are tanking and many of his local affiliates are doing the same. His demo's getting older and it's a demo that's not good for advertisers. What's even more hilarious is that yesterday, his employer, Clear Channel, officially changed its name to iHeartMedia after its popular iHeartRadio app. Yep, the turd has been polished. New name, same debt-ridden company filled with stations with fake jocks, corporate playlists and people getting laid off all the time so they can pay Blimpo his millions. Thanks, but I already have three different music apps on my phone and they work all the same.

It's too bad Rush never served jail time for his drug problems. There, he would have learned the true meaning of "no means yes". 


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