Thursday, September 11, 2014

9.11.14 Bee-otch of the Day: John Balyo

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Name: John Balyo
Age: 35
Occupation: ex-morning host, WCSG 91.3
Last Seen: Battle Creek, MI
Bee-otched For: being guilty
Looks like a man who led thousands to Jesus as the morning man at Christian radio station WCSG in Grand Rapids could be spending a loooooong time in jail.

For months now, we've been following the saga of John Balyo, who went from popular radio jock to child molester. His arrest last Summer created shockwaves throughout west Michigan, an area that loves Christian music. Even worse, the charges were all regarding illicit affairs he had with 12-year-old boys.

On Tuesday, Balyo plead guilty to having a boy perform oral sex on him. Since Balyo's charges were in two counties, Kalamazoo and Calhoun, he could spend 15 years in jail in one county and 25 years in another, albeit concurrently.

The sentencing will be next month.

I've said this many times: the real losers here are the morons who listen to WCSG. Many of these people fought to yank Howard Stern off the air in Grand Rapids and many are also wanting strip clubs to close because of so-called sex trafficking. Yet, they donated their money to a local radio station whose morning personality had sex with young boys that was not non-consensual. I do wonder how those boys ended up as young prostitutes in the first place. Where were the parents?

Sorry, but this is why I have no love for organized religion. I don't want an asshole who has sex with kids telling me how to live my life. And now, Balyo might end up spending life in jail because of it.

Parents, if you're reading this, please give your children an extra hug tonight. As somebody who hopes to have one of his own someday, I hope that my kids will never have to go through what John Balyo's victims went through.


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