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9.22.14 Hero of the Day: Eric The Midget

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Name: Eric Lynch
Age: was 39
Occupation: ac-ac-actor
Last Seen: Sacramento, California
Awarded For: being a true wack packer

Another member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack has gone off into the great beyond.

Eric Lynch, aka Eric the Midget or Eric the Actor passed away Sunday, according to manager Johnny Fratto. He was 39. Eric was well-known for his numerous calls to the show, where he begged Howard for everything. On several occasions, Stern told him that he wanted the 3-foot tall, 85-pound Lynch to have balloons tied to him to he could fly. The request was never fulfilled, but it created fodder for many parody songs, one was famously set to "Fly Me To The Moon".

Eric had dwarfism which resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair. His first call to the show was in 2002 to discuss American Idol where he revealed that he had a crush on singer Kelly Clarkson. He made one personal appearance on the show in 2008 where he was with two prostitutes, Diana DiGarmo and Natalie Maines. Thanks to the show, Lynch was an extra on many TV shows such as FringeAmerican Dreams and In Plain Sight. However, those shows got canceled and some called Lynch a show killer.

Because of his poor health, Lynch was not expected to live very long, and outlived doctors' expectations. It should be revealed more today on what he died from and how he died.

Now, instead of balloons, Eric has angel wings.


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