Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9.23.14 Bee-otches of the Day: celebs who bitch about people seeing their private photos

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Name: various
Age: various
Occupation: models, actresses, etc.
Last Seen: various
Bee-otched For: not knowing the rules of the web

Ladies and gents, that pic of Kate Upton is probably the only real nude photo of her that can be legally shown on the web.

OK, so she's bare down there (I have seen the photos myself), but still, it's a sad shame when a hottie doesn't mind getting naked in front of photographers and body paint people, but when it comes to their fans, eh, fuck 'em.

A few weeks ago, a genius decided to post hundreds of nudes of famous celebs including Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco and many others. Most of the celebs lawyered up and ordered the pics off the web. Apparently, most of the photos came from Apple's iCloud and the hacker got access to the photos thanks to a program that finds usernames and passwords.

True, as much as I love to see naked female celebs, I can feel their pain. Years ago, I posted something private and personal to MySpace about a loser who was harassing me on a message board. Somehow, this dickhead found out and sent me a ton of hate mail. The point is, a username and password isn't always the best lock and key to the most personal moments of your life.

So what should those celebs have done? Simple: DON'T STORE YOUR NUDE PHOTOS ON A 3RD PARTY SERVER! Either that, or DON'T POST NUDES AT ALL! DURH!

Other than that, thanks for making my penis happy.


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