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7.15.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cumulus Media

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Name: Cumulus Media
Age: 18
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Atlanta
Bee-otched For: bringing back some Grey matter to Grand Rapids
When Cumulus Media purchased Citadel several years ago, I was hoping for some good, positive change to the Grand Rapids radio market.

True, the drunk, Range Rover-smashing, Howard Stern-hating, radio station destroying asshole known as Matt Hanlon is only a memory, but tragically, his aegis lives on.

On Monday, 107.3 WBBL brought back Michael Grey as its new morning show host. Grey comes back to WBBL after spending four years at ESPN stations in Omaha and Seattle where he had no listeners.

"After successful stints in Omaha and Seattle, Michael is back to talk with fans about the teams he loves," said programming director Dave Jaconette, who seems to be clueless as it gets in a station release statement. Why would any successful radio personality do well in Seattle and want to come back here, period? It's because Grey's ratings were horrid and had no choice but to come home to Grand Rapids. Then again, this is the asshole douchebag who damn near killed WGRD in the early 2000s with its lame-o emo rock format, got fired (and thankfully, GRD was saved by Jerry Tarrents who brought in Free Beer and Hot Wings and flipped it to the active rock format that it has today) and fled to KLQ where he helped Hanlon nail the coffin shut for that struggling franchise. Of course, KLQ became WBBL in 2008 and Grey stayed on to do mornings only to leave in 2011.

Well, now he's back and it kinda makes me happy that there's one other sports station in town, ESPN 96.1. At least Mike and Mike have way more intelligence than Grey, plus the fact that Sean Baligan - local or not - is way better talking about sports than the bloated, fat, cottage cheese-assed dumbass known as Huge.

It will be fun to see ESPN beat the living SHIT out of WBBL in the ratings. Right now, WBBL is only beating ESPN by a small margin, but that's only because of Tiger baseball. I'll betcha if ESPN 96.1 had the Tigers and Red Wings, WBBL would be DEAD. I think a lot of people in GR are tired of Billy Boy's Howard Cosell clone schtick and why Cumulus still has him on the air on WBBL is beyond me (bear in mind that Townsquare now owns Huge).

Remember, this is Cumulus, the company that made big mistakes banning the Dixie Chicks from their stations, dumping Stern from their rock stations, adopting an abortion of a country format called Nash and so on and so on. In a way, it's no surprise that Cumulus brought Grey back.

Corporate radio: no wonder why they're billions in debt.

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