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10.12.15 Bee-otches of the Day: Detroit Lions

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Name: The Detroit Lions
Age: 81
Occupation: football team
Last Seen: Detroit
Bee-otched For: being the Chicago Cubs of football

OK, so I shouldn't refer to them as the Cubbies of football, simply because, well, the Cubs are actually a good team this year.

How 'bout the Phillies instead, then?

But yes, the Lions are officially 0-5 on the season. The last time they were this pathetic, it was during their poor Cinderella season in 2008 when they went 0-16. They are now the only team left in the NFL without a win.

Sunday's shitty excuse for a game against the Cardinals have proved to a lot of people in Michigan and Detroit that the Lions are simply pathetic. QB Matt Stafford was so bad that he tossed three interceptions, helping to result in Sunday's 42-17 loss at Ford Field. As a matter of fact, many of the starters in Sunday's game all ended up benched thanks to allowing the Cards to score so much, so quickly.

Next week, the Lions play the Bears (2-3), then it's the Vikings and Chiefs and a much-deserved bye week. The Chiefs game will be in London. Nothing like traveling thousands of miles away to lose.

Remember, the Kitty Cats were 10-6 last year. Three or four more losses and they're done.

Oh, well, at least we have the Red Wings.

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