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10.8.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Simonson

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Name: Bill Simonson
Age: 51
Occupation: blowhard
Last Seen: Ada, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that he's a HUGE failure

Well, the Summer 2015 Nielsen radio ratings are out for Grand Rapids, and B93, WLAV, WOOD-AM/FM (one of Rush Limbaugh's only top-rated affiliates), WGRD and WSNX were the top of the charts.

However, the lowest-rated FM in town was none other than WBBL 107.3, even with their new (old) morning schmuck, Michael Grey and the Fat Boy himself, "Huge" Bill Simonson. The station was at a paltry 1.4, down from a 1.7 last Spring and its worst book in a year. Its competitor, ESPN 96.1 was 1/10 of a point better.

But guess what? It looks like ESPN will be nailing WBBL's coffin air-tight shut.

We can now confirm that 96.1's parent, iHeartMedia has yanked the Tigers and Red Wings away from WBBL and Cumulus, who also aired the games on WLAV. The Wings' new homes will be 96.1 and AM talker WTKG. The Lions are also now on 101.3 The Brew, an iHeartMedia property.

Now, the only saving grace for WBBL are the Pistons, a team that few have cared about since 2005.

True, the Pistons, the Lions and Tigers are crappy teams, but the Red Wings are still hot. Thankfully, people in Grand Rapids will no longer have to hear that fat fucker's voice in promos during radio broadcasts of their games.

With only the lowly Pistons, WBBL is as useless as tits on a bull. Yeah, they air national college football and NFL games, but other than that, who wants to listen to WBBL anymore? And with the Dickeys no longer in control at Cumulus, only time will tell if and when management will finally put the Huge Abortion out of his pathetic misery. Oh, the fact that Cumulus no longer owns Huge is another thing to think about (oddly enough, Townsquare now owns Huge and the Michigan Talk Network that distributes him).

So far, not a lot has changed since Cumulus took over Citadel in Grand Rapids, except that WLAV is playing more 90s, Thunder 94.5 is now a Nash station and WJRW is a clearing house for Cumulus' talk shows. Besides that, 105.3 Hot FM is WSNX's bitch, WJRW is a ratings embarrassment and WBBL has lost all Detroit teams except the Pistons.

I hope Cumulus doesn't make the same mistakes Hanlon made, especially with new management. I hope these are the last days for Huge and his overly pathetic ego. A fat fuck who sounds like he gets his dick sucked by the Devoses on a daily basis doesn't deserve his own radio show. Cumulus needs to know that there's plenty of format holes in GR: urban, alternative and an FM Spanish stick are just to name a few.

But when it comes to shitty radio in Grand Rapids, Huge "Is What It Is".
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