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10.7.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 57
Occupation: former head of Gateway Computers
Last Seen: Ann Arbor, MI
Bee-otched For: fucking over Flint

---Fifty years ago, Flint, MI was a town that any factory worker wanted to work and live in.

It was a town that was ruled by GM and high-paying union jobs. The average person was getting paid $50 per hour in today's money and their wives didn't work. They lived in a nice, modest house had a new car every two years and their kids and the best education.

Then, Reagan happened.

Thanks to his union-busting, jobs quickly disappeared from Flint. The town quickly lost major population and became a pit for crime not just in Michigan, but the country. Today, Flint is one of the worst cities in America in regards to crime and poverty. It's also a major reason why two of its most-famous residents, Michael Moore and Dave Barber moved away years ago to Traverse City and Providence, RI respectively (and sadly, Mr. Barber passed away on July 4).

Now, Flint has another problem that it doesn't need: the water is undrinkable. In April of last year, the city started getting its water from the Flint River. For years, the city got its water system from the city of Detroit, but thanks to the Emergency Manager that our beloved governor pRick Snyder assigned to Flint, they thought that getting their water locally would be cheaper.

The problem? It sure wasn't safer.

You see, the city switched over to Flint River water even though the pipeline to the river is not safe, leading to a high level of lead in the city's new water system. Even more, the state covered it all up and is now in trouble simply because they don't want to spend $12 million switching back to Detroit water, but rather spending $1 million to throw on a filter on peoples' taps instead.

Look, you could say that the easiest solution is to move the hell away from Flint, but that's not easy if you're barely making ends meet as-is. Trust me, I've contemplated moving away from Grand Rapids many times but I don't have the money to do so or even a job lined up. I used to have twin uncles who shared a nice house in suburban Grand Blanc and one of them drove me up to nearby Davison. Talk about night and day.

It is nothing short of pathetic that our bean counter governor, who notoriously ran down one of America's great computer companies has proven that he's failed at running this state. Our roads are still a massacre, the wealthy are getting wealthier and now, one of our state's largest cities doesn't have drinkable water. It's almost as bad as living in a third-world country.

All I can say is that shame on ANYBODY who voted for pRick Snyder. He's a pathetic human being who's only there to kiss the Devos family's ass and nobody else's. He needs to apologize to the people of Flint for allowing one of his henchmen to run the city and run it to the ground. It's time for him to wake up. Or better yet, how about if HE drank shitty lead-tainted Flint water and nothing but until he and his EFM fix the problem? He needs to pay the price.

But since he's a Republican, he won't.

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