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10.26.15 Bee-otches of the Day: Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat

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Names: Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat
Ages: 43, 42
Occupations: ousted state reps
Last Seen: Lapeer and Plainwell
Bee-otched For: being sore, sore losers

Looks like Coursrat ain't getting the love from donors.

The ousted Michigan state reps are trying to get their seats back after being ejected from the state house for their extra-marital affair which costed taxpayers. However, even their own Republicans aren't showing them the love.

The two have only raised less than $2,000 each for their campaigns. Maybe that's why I haven't seen an ad for their re-election campaigns.

The primary is a week from tomorrow and of the $1,962 she has raised, about $900 came from her own pockets. Courser, on the other hand has only raised about $1,000.  Courser is going up against 10 Republicans while Gamrat is facing eight. One of Courser's opponents is a farmer who raised $77,000 on his campaign. Another has gotten $24,000 with donations from some of the state's wealthy including the Haworth family.

One of Gamrat's other opponents have been given over $15,000, reportedly from the DeVos family.

Ya see, Chuckamaniacs, when you're in the party of family values and you're busy fucking around, well, there ya go. These two fuckpigs got what they deserved, and personally, I wouldn't be too surprised if their supporters are all religious nuts who loved their opposition to Planned Parenthood. Time for the two to kiss themselves goodbye to public life and hello to simply being embarrassments to themselves and their families.

And WHY do I vote Democrat?

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